Phoenix, Ariz. – January 16-20, 2008

The 19th Annual STMA Conference & Exhibition will feature dozens of educational sessions/workshops, hours of networking opportunities, receptions, awards banquets, raffles and, of course, exhibitors displaying all of the must-have equipment for 2008. Here’s a sneak preview of what you can look forward to… see you in Phoenix!


Exhibiting coring units including the Sportstine, which has 6-inch long tines available on 7.5 or 5-inch centers for deep compaction relief.


The Streamliner dry line marker is available in five models and has a retractable handle and variable flow control for 2 or 4-inch lines.


Exhibiting specialty turf equipment including drainage, sand injection, field renovation, seeding, topdressers, aerators and stone buriers.

Buffalo Turbine

The wireless-controlled CKB3 Turbine Blower produces up to 10,500 CFM at 180 mph. Offers 360-degree nozzle control.


Enkaturf Drain is a 12-inch wide strip drain used under synthetic turf. The 1-inch core is encased in a geotextile fabric heat-bonded to the core.


The RAINCOVER Plus model is available with Armor-Kote, a high-tech process that provides 300 percent higher flex crack resistance.

Diamond Pro

Offering professional grounds-keeping products including infield conditioners, drying agents, mound clays and marking dust.

Earth & Turf

The Linear Aerator cuts grooves 3 inches deep. Soil and topdressing are mixed and brushed in with reciprocating fingers.

EP Minerals

AXIS Premium soil amendment offers high absorption and release, large pore size and more plant available water.

Evergreen Synthetic Turf

Exhibiting the Turfsaver 9001 and TurfStat Pro antimicrobial disinfecting spray. Other artificial turf  products and equipment available.


Ewing Irrigation offers an array of products including water-conscious sensors, controllers and multi-stream rotors.

First Products

The Universal Aera-vator is now available with three interchangeable rotor options. Won’t disrupt playing surface.


Exhibiting the SW04 Swing-Wing Verticutter (tractor-mounted) and the CSI Contour Sand Injector (walk-behind).

Grigg Brothers

Grigg Brothers offers amino acid-based foliar fertilizers, soil conditioners, micronutrients, biostimulants and spray dye markers.


Hunter will be exhibiting a variety of irrigation products, including the new I-35 Sierra rotary sprinkler.


The Hydraway Drainage System removes water from soils and relieves the hydrostatic pressure against subsurface structures.


Kifco Water-Reels are ideal for football, baseball, softball and soccer fields. Also rinses, cools and conditions synthetic turf.


Manufactures a range of products including professional-grade mowers, utility vehicles, and tractors and implements.


The Laser-Grader model 106-6WD is a compact, laser-guided, finish grading machine equipped with a grade-control package.


Exhibiting Turf Tiger topdressers, available in three different sizes, and commercial aerators, available with spoons or slicing blades.


MicroPlus is an all-natural, organic input that can increase the efficiency of fertilizers and other chemicals.


Newstripe will be exhibiting the Eco-Liner SP field striper, the HashMark-Master accessory, nail drags and stencils.


Par-Aide’s Turf Marking Paint is water-based to reduce clogging. Available in white, red and yellow and sold in cases of 12 cans.

Progressive Turf Equip.

Offering the SDR Roller Mower, the newest model in the mower series that includes the TDR-22, TDR-15, SDR-90 and SDR-65.


Displaying their full line of Verti-Drain deep-tine aerators, as well as overseeders, topdressers and cleaning/maintenance machines.

University of Georgia

UGA offers a Sports Turf-grass Management Certificate Course and a Principles of Turfgrass Management Course.


Offering a range of equipment for artificial turf maintenance including the Terra Clean, Terra Brush and Terra Spike XF.


Company Booth #
AerWay 1205
Beacon Athletics 914
Blec 1213
Buffalo Turbine 1325
Colbond 227
Covermaster 801
Diamond Pro 513
Earth & Turf 209
EP Minerals 1317
Evergreen Synthetic Turf 119
Ewing 619
First Products 922
Graden USA 409
Grigg Brothers 1608
Hunter Ind. 613
Hydraway 1412
Kifco 324
Kubota 723
Laser-Grader 1030
Millcreek 1309
N.E.P. 1518
Newstripe 926
Par-Aide 313
Progressive Turf Equip. 1606
Redexim 1013 & 1113
SportsField Management magazine 1323
University of Georgia 1434
Wiedenmann 401