Obviously, the best way to keep snow off a field is to keep it covered, but there is always a risk that the tarp will freeze to the surface, making it difficult to remove. If snow needs to be cleared, special guidelines must be considered to protect your turf:

  1. Small amounts of snow can be left to melt and drain, but field use demands may eliminate that option.
  2. Snow removal should be performed as close as possible to game time.
  3. A variety of blower and plow options are designed to protect synthetic turf.
  4. Plow blades can be retrofitted with rubber or plastic edges to protect turf fibers, and plow height should be adjusted to leave at least a half-inch of snow on the surface (which can be removed with a rotary brush or allowed to melt).
  5. Only vehicles with pneumatic tires should be used, never chains or studded tires.
  6. Ice-melting agents can damage the surface, but urea can be effective as a broadcast application – but the area must then be rinsed thoroughly after a urea application.