Innovative products for your field

Walk On

First Products has introduced the walk-behind Aera-vator, available in 30 and 40-inch widths. It comes standard with a ride-on platform, and a seedbox is available for use in both forward and reverse. It also features transport wheels, 21 hp Vanguard engine for speeds up to 5 mph and a 3-foot turning radius.

Low-Decibel Series

AgriMetal’s three-point hitch, low-decibel series blowers come in four sizes, requiring 16 to 45 PTO hp. The 1600 model is available with a 180-degree manual air deflector. The deflector kit for the larger models includes a 180-degree deflector and an angle deflector, both controlled hydraulically from the tractor seat. All models ride on a large roller to prevent compaction and scuffing. Lightweight aluminum impellers reduce the load on the belt as the PTO is engaged.

Earn Your STRIPEs

STRIPE-X water-based paint from U.S. Specialty Coatings is available in aerosol cans and 5-gallon buckets. The same STRIPE-X remover can be used for both paints. Standard colors in aerosol STRIPE-X paints are white, red, blue and yellow. In bulk STRIPE-X, unlimited custom colors are available. The colors match, so the aerosol paint can be used to touch up the bulk paint if necessary.

Pest Control with a Punch!

The Rodenator R2 Remote from Meyer Industries is a hands-free, wireless remote-operated, concussive force product for eliminating burrowing pests. The entire process is controlled with the push of a button. It comes with a flex injection hose with 45-degree aluminum attachment, quick connections for fuel hoses, 50 feet of fuel-rated hose, oxygen and fuel regulators, wireless transmitter, internal battery charging cord and Rodenator Gopher Shovel.

KIOTIs With Cabs

KIOTI’s DK40 and DK45 hydrostatic transmission tractors are now available with cabs. The new 41 and 45 hp models have high-visibility glass, front and rear wipers, front and rear working lights, and interior and exterior rear-view mirrors. A telescopic three-point hitch allows for easy mounting of attachments. Other features include rear auxiliary three-point hitch position control, electronically engaged four-wheel drive, and electronically engaged PTO with auto and manual positions.

Sweep Like a Pro

AirLite Systems’ new professional sweepers are designed for cleaning large areas such as sports fields and stadiums. Two models are available: the PC72PRO with a 6-foot sweeping width and PC48PRO with 4-foot sweeping width. The PC72PRO collects small debris and dethatches. It offers a 160-cubic-foot bin and requires at least 45 hp, while the PC48PRO requires 30 to 35 hp. Both models feature a fully floating brush unit that follows ground contours to ensure maximum collection.

Lightweight Containers

The Innovative Fluid Handling Group now offers a range of custom storage and dispensing systems and mobile lubrication carts using its new lightweight polyethylene containers. The containers can be used for caustic materials that cannot be stored in a traditional steel container. The systems take up less floor space than 55-gallon drums and provide clean, efficient product transfer. Labeled containers and faucets reduce the chance of the wrong product being used, while drip pans contain spills. For carts, users can specify the number of containers and capacity, as well as options including pumps, hoses, nozzles and different sizes of drip pan cart bases.

Onetime Herbicide

BASF Turf & Ornamentals’ Onetime herbicide features a combination of liquid quinclorac-based Drive XLR8 with MCPP-P and dicamba for control of more than 70 annual broadleaf and grassy weeds. Onetime is a soluble liquid formulation that controls crabgrass, foxtail, kikuyugrass, clover, dandelion, henbit and more.