Dethatching Kit

New from Turf Teq, a dethatching kit for the 1305BR Power Broom. The kit has a 47-inch wide brush. Easily adjustable pressure, depth and angle allow the operator to match turf conditions while windrowing the thatch for quick cleanup. The Power Broom can also be used for striping turf, spring cleanup and installing infilled synthetic turf.

Rake Repair

VinylGuard is an exterior-grade, vinyl shrink covering that extends the life of rake handles, flagsticks and more. It protects against damage caused by abrasion and long-term exposure to sunlight. VinylGuard is available in bright, high-gloss colors and is applied using a heat gun.

The Doctor is In

Newstripe’s Dirt Doctor Junior infield groomer is designed to be pulled by four-wheel drive utility vehicles or compact tractors. It can plow, pulverize, drag, compact and finish drag a 4-foot wide path in one pass. The three-position reversible harrow teeth, four-position pulverizer bar and wheels can be adjusted without needing tools. The front hitch has four available positions that allow the Dirt Doctor Junior to be attached to almost any utility vehicle. A three-point hitch is also available.

It’s Not Just A Mirage

The Mirage M-160 super-sized sprinkler with a 164-foot throwing radius is available from Underhill for use on synthetic and natural turf, including football, soccer and other large sports fields. The M-160 measures 23.3 inches high and has a pop-up height of 2.75 inches. The arc coverage can be adjusted from 30 to 360 degrees and the rotation speed can be turned from 100 to 240 seconds. A range of nozzles from 16 to 26mm are available for efficient water distribution. The sprinkler operates at 60 to 120 PSI and handles from 96 to 300 GPM.

Direct Measurements

Spectrum Technologies introduces the Field Scout Direct Soil EC Meter. The meter permits instant, accurate measurement of nutrient salts in soil media, as well as water or nutrient solutions.

Direct Connect Chassis

TYCROP has developed a new mounting system for the Cushman work vehicle. The tow-behind chassis offers low ground compaction by utilizing four-wheel walking beam suspension. Weight distribution is optimized due to the hitch mounting position and spread over eight turf tires. If the operator gets into an unsafe grade, where the vehicle might turn over, the “crumple zone” allows the hitch/receiver assembly to absorb the turnover energy.

Fast Field Fertigation

Professional-grade fertigationsystems, from Turf FeedingSystems, are designed for sportsturf areas from 1 acre to over 50acres. The systems are proportionallycontrolled by flow rateto assure accurate injection.

Go Platinum

Platinum TE, the latest paspalum from Turf Ecosystems, is now available for sports venues. The grass features a dark green color, resulting in striping capability. It establishes rapidly from sprigs and aggressively grows in from surface stolons. In response to day length/photoperiod changes or environmental stress exposure, this turfgrass shows minimal seedhead exertion. Tolerates mowing heights from .07 to 1.5 inches and exhibits high salt tolerance and foliar disease resistance with proper management.