Brinly Hardy

The Brinly ST-25BH towbehindsprayer’s collapsibleswing-away booms andin-line mounted tankdesign provide easy maneuveringthrough gates,around walls and in othertight areas. The sprayerbooms provide a spray width upto 90 inches.



The Stadium 80, 110 and 160 sprayers fit most workvehicles. New options include trailer packages andCalc-An-Acre with digital readout ofmph or distance. Comes with 10-foot boom, control box, spray gun,liquid-filled gauge and belt-drivenroller pumps.


Buffalo Turbine

The CSM3 is a powerful, quiet, versatile TurbineMist Sprayer, capable of pushingmost liquids 100 to150 feet verticaland effective horizontaldistances of 300 feet.Optional 4-cubic-footdust/granular bin forapplying granular material,seed, etc.



The S25SS SPRAY-PRO push sprayer is thenewest model in the S-series product line,and features an all stainless steel chassis. TheS25 has an adjustable spray system with theability to apply precise amounts of liquid.


Frost, Inc.

The new Bravo 400s is an individualnozzle control system. GPS guidesthe operator in the spray area whilea controller allows the nozzles tospray only where they haven’t alreadysprayed. The system can be fitted onany sprayer.


Green Pro

The Dirt Simple Brewer aeratedcompost tea brewer features a simple,cone-shaped tank. The air hoseis designed to keep compost tea outof the powerful air blower, even ifthe electricity goes off.


Gregson Clark

The Gregson-Clark Spreader-Mateis a self-contained dropinsprayer that can beinstalled in most commercialbroadcast spreaders.The pump, battery, filter,regulator and valves are all mountedon the tank, making it a self-containedassembly.



The Cushman Spraytek by Jacobsenis available in 300-gallon capacity and24.8 hp diesel or 175-gallon capacity33.8 hp gas models. A corrosion-resistant316 stainless steel centrifugalpump provides up to 44GPM maximum flow and upto 80 PSI maximum pressure.


John Deere

SelectSpray Series sprayersare available with acentrifugal or diaphragmpump, 200 or 300-gallontank, and an advanced automaticor reliable manualrate controller. Adjustableboom options for a varietyof conditions.



The 30-gallon JRCO zero-turn sprayer attachesto mowers with four clevispins and has a three-sectionbreakaway boom, spotspray gun and high-capacityUdor diaphragm pump.



The EZTFM133 Shielded Sprayerwith PLSS220 Spreader featuresa 220-pound poly hopper withstainless steel frame. It providesadjustable shieldedspay patterns from 11inchesto 53 feet, and eachshield is controlled by itsown on/off valve.



Spray Star 1000 has accuratecontrols to deliver the preciseapplication of liquid chemicalsto turf. Features hydraulic powersteering, a 110-gallon ellipticalpolyethylene tank and a 23.5 hp,twin-cylinder gasoline engine.


Aeration Equipment


The AerWay Shattertine uses apatented series of angles and offsetsto break down compactionlayers 7 inches and deeper. Thisestablishes the percolation rateand re-creates the capillary actionof the natural soil profile.



The Bannerman Super-Ject Aeratoris available with five different tinestyles and two transportation modes.The four legs slide down for storageor up for operation, and skid shoeslocated at the end frames of the mainframe prevent damage to turf.



The FlexWing design allowsthe AccuAire core aerator to followthe contour of the ground,providing even penetration. Asolid steel frame and extra-wideracks add weight to maximizecore depth. Core spoons rotateon new sealed roller ball bearings.


Campey Turf Care

Aerate and topdress with the KoroRecycling Dresser. Digging blades removethe rootzone down to 9 inches,and a rotational disc breaks thesurface compaction. The rootzoneis distributed across the playing surfaceas a topdressing.


CS Trading

The SISIS Javelin Aer-Aid1500 is a tractor-mounted verticalaerator with air injection foruse on fine turf. The air injectiontines are specially designed touse the maximum air availablefrom the compressor. Solid andcoring tines also available.


Earth & Turf

Used after the area has beentopdressed with calcined clay,compost or sand, the LinearAerator conditions a 58-inchswath by cutting grooves inthe turf 3 inches deep, approximately.5 inch wide and3.5 inches apart.


First Products

The Universal Aera-vator offersinterchangeable shafts and seederoptions, and is available in 40, 60and 80-inch widths. The patentedvibrating tines loosen the soilaround and underneath each tine,fracturing the soil with nine holesper square foot.


Graden USA

Graden USA manufactures avariety of fine turf equipment includingverticutters, dethatchers,sweepers and the patented contoursand injection machine.



The Quick Aerator attachment attaches tothe Cushman Turf-Truckster inminutes and offers a varietyof tine styles to choose fromincluding slicing, coring andspoon. Lift or lower theunit from the driver’s seatwith the Truckster’s standardhydraulics.


John Deere

John Deere Aercore 2000employs a Flexi-Link designto ensure the tines stay perpendicularfor a high-qualityhole. The machine provides a77.5-inch coring swath, producesholes up to 4 inchesdeep, and can pull as many as30 cores per square foot.



The JRCO Hooker aerator isnow available in a 60-inch, fiveheadtow-behind version. Theunique tine rotors utilize the forwardforce of the vehicle to makeholes that are approximately .5inch wide by 1.25 inches longand up to 3 inches deep.


MAC Athletics

MAC Athletics offers an aeratoras a MAC Machine attachmentor with a three-point hitch.It has .75-by-3-inch core aerationtines with a 5-inch squarehole punching pattern and anoverall width of 6 feet. Each dischas a 15-inch diameter.


Maredo Commercial

MT heads fit on Maredopower units and triplexgreensmowers and areavailable for a variety ofapplications including verticutting,vibe-spiking andoverseeding.


Redexim North America

The Redexim Verti-Drain 2220and 2216 (also called the Bullet) arethe fastest Verti-Drains yet. The Bulletpenetrates 9 inches into the soil atspeeds up to 3.5 mph. With the hydraulicoption on the Bullet, depthadjustments can be made from theoperator’s seat.


TurfTime Equipment

ADVANTAGE aerators fromTurfTime Equipment are nowavailable with 4 or 6-inch bladespacing. Available in widths of 60to 96 inches, all aerators offer exchangeablefracture tines, coringspoons and tuft-free chisel-pointtines.



Wiedenmann’s TERRA SPIKEXF aerators aerify and decompactturf down to a depth of 8.5 inchesat travel speeds up to 3.5 mph,saving time spent on aerating.