Turf Blue HGT features an aggressive, wear-tolerant Kentucky bluegrass, Barvette HGT, and germinates in less than 10 days. It shows resistance to summer patch and tolerance to grubs and billbugs.

Diamond Pro

Products for professional groundskeepers include infield conditioners, mound and plate clays, drying agents, marking dust and several more to support the dry areas on ball fields.

DuraEdge Products

DuraEdge infield mixes and FieldSaver custom infield amendments are the primary products in the Engineered Soils product line. Production of these materials is based on soil science.

EP Minerals

PlayBall! Drying Agent absorbs excess moisture from turf areas, infield surfaces, mound/home plate areas and warning tracks. PlayBall! Mound Clay is dust-free. PlayBall! Conditioner reduces compaction and enhances playability, appearance and safety.

Game Time Sports Systems

Louisville Slugger Game Time White Stripe Field Marking Powder is a bright white premium marking powder that is safe and easy to use. Complies with the NCAA rules for athletic marking powders. Use on baseball, softball, football, soccer and other athletic fields.

Jacklin Seed by Simplot

Increased rhizomes and spreading ability enable NoNet to quickly establish and repair damaged turf areas on sports fields. Aimed at eliminating the nylon netting used in producing bunch-type tall fescue.

King Ranch Turfgrass

Produces and installs high-quality, sand-based sod and sprigs, including certified TifSport Bermuda, TifGrand, Celebration Bermuda, CT-2 Bermuda, Tifway 419 Bermuda and Zorro Zoysia.

Landmark Turf and Native Seed

VITALITY professional -grade seed is formulated with elite varieties for performance natural sports fields and pitches. Custom mixing is available.

Mar-Co Clay

Offers engineered infield clay products in bulk, super bags and 40-pound bags. Mar-Co Infield Clay is a controlled blend of clay, sand and aggregate designed to maximize safety, playability, drainage and appearance.

Mountain View Seeds

Lateral spread varieties are ideal for use on sports fields. They offer wear tolerance and great aesthetics while requiring fewer inputs. Available in tall fescue and perennial ryegrass varieties.


Beam Clay provides more than 200 infield products, including regional infield mixes blended for every state and climate from bulk plants nationwide.

Patten Seed

Zenith Zoysia is well adapted for the transition zone and has low water and nutrition requirements. It features a dark green blade, dense growth habit, and is tolerant to extreme heat and cold as well as drought.

Pennington Seed

Princess 77 is a dense, fine-textured variety with excellent shade tolerance. It is Water Star qualified and establishes quickly.

Pro’s Choice

Used in infields, Pro’s Choice conditioners break up compaction, add resiliency and improve drainage to prevent rainouts. Infield conditioners include Pro’s Choice Red and Pro’s Choice Select.

Sod Solutions

Celebration is a deep blue-green bermudagrass that has proven itself in numerous university research studies for wear tolerance and recovery, drought resistance and shade tolerance.

Southern Athletic Fields

Mar Mix Infield Mix is deep red in color with the ideal blend of sand, silt and clay that will make your infield the envy of players, coaches and fans.

Stabilizer Solutions

Offering advanced infield and warning track mixes with the Stabilizer organic and Hilltopper waterless product lines. Hilltopper Infield system replaces needed moisture content with polymer technology.

TifSport Growers Association

TifSport’s quality, density and strength help it recover rapidly from injury and stress. In addition to superior color, cold hardiness and disease resistance, it handles frequent, low mowing heights.

Turface Athletics

As the newest member of the Pro League family, Champion Brown brings rich color while delivering consistent performance. Small, uniform particles create better footing and help control moisture.

Waupaca Sand & Solutions

High-performing infields use the proper balance of sand, silt and clay. Sure-Hop Infield Mixes are engineered, precision-blended, and tested for quality and consistency.

West Coast Turf

Bandera Bermuda establishes rapidly and recovers quickly from damage and wear. It has excellent shade and cold tolerance and the best disease resistance of any variety produced by West Coast Turf.