Barenbrug USA

Developer and producer of turf-grass varieties including Panterra, an overseeding ryegrass, and Turf Saver with RTF, a self-repairing tall fescue.

DLF International

Develops varieties adapted to diverse climatic and soil conditions. Over 100 acres of research plots.

Environmental Turf

Seadwarf seashore paspalum is a drought-tolerant, low water and low fertilizer warm-season sports turf.

Jacklin Seed by Simplot

Offering turf, forage and amenity grasses, including blues, ryes, bents, bermudas, fescues, agronomic mixtures and specialty grasses.

Johnston Seed Co.

Riviera bermudagrass offers fast grow-in, quick recovery from heavy use, early green-up, cold-tolerance and quality.

Mountain View Seeds

Mountain Views Seeds offers professional-quality grass seed varieties for sports fields, overseeding and other applications.

Pennington Seed

Bermuda Triangle Blend is a mix of varieties, blended together to provide improved turf density, color and moderate cold tolerance.


Offering over 100 varieties of turfgrass, from bentgrass to bluegrass, for any combination of climate and application.

Pro Seed Marketing

Diva Kentucky bluegrass offers low height of cut, early spring green-up variety and exhibits drought resistance and salt tolerance.

Scotts Professional Seed

Scotts offers Solar Green, Thermal Blue, Thermal Blue Blaze and Dura Blue heat-tolerant, high-performance bluegrasses.

Sod Solutions

Celebration bermudagrass offers low surface hardness, rapid horizontal growth, shade tolerance and low water requirements.


TifSport bermudagrass is cold-hardy, resistant to disease, tolerant of traffic and can handle frequent, low mowings.


Diamond Pro

Infield Dirt and Mound Clay are screened, reddish-brown, sandy clay loam. Infield dirt runs 25 to 35 percent clay/silt. Available in bulk.

Game Time Sports

Louisville Slugger Game Time ball field products include pat-ented mixes, specialty clay and infield conditioners.

Profile Products

Field & Fairway is a specially formulated calcine clay that improves the air and water-holding capacity of soils at the rootzone.

Pro’s Choice

Offering Red and Select infield conditioners, Pro Mound packing clay, Rapid Dry drying agent and Pro Red infield topdressing.

Quantum Turf

Red Diamond CC Premium RBI red baseball infield conditioner improves moisture management, reduces compaction and promotes healthier rootzones.

Southern Athletic Fields

Mar Mix infield mix is red, screened and allows a firm, yet playable, surface. Works well with Mulemix field conditioners.

SportZmix Solutions

SportZmix Solutions offers custom-blended, sand-based rootzone mixes for athletic fields.

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