Fast, Versatile Edging System

Edge-N-Blow from Buffalo Turbine is a fast edging system designed to save time, money and labor. It has applications for front-mount buckets, Kubota RTVs, John Deere Gators, three-point hitches and skid steers. It can be reversed to the other side in just minutes. Combined with a powerful turbine blower, it can complete the job with one person and one pass. There are no driveshafts, gears or belts. With edging speeds up to 12 mph, the system swivels 30 degrees and features a 20-inch ripple cutting blade and adjustable down pressure.

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Complete Zone Regulation

The new Accu-Sync family of pressure regulators from Hunter Industries provides complete zone regulation to any Hunter valve. The Accu-Sync is available in a model that is adjustable from 20 to 100 PSI, and in color-coded models with fixed pressure regulation: 20 PSI tan, 30 PSI red, 40 PSI gray, 50 PSI blue and 70 PSI green. Each Accu-Sync comes with a durable, glass-filled nylon swivel assembly that provides tool-free installation and serves as a receptor for the solenoid and regulation module.

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Walk On

John Deere has introduced a full line of commercial walk-behind mowers, the WG and WH series. The gear models feature a 7-gauge fabricated deck, five-speed transmission and 16 hp Kawasaki engine. The hydrostatic models offer 7-gauge fabricated floating decks, twin loop handle controls with front and rear index bars, and a 16 or 20 hp Kawasaki engine. All six models come with flat-free front tires, with 32, 36, 48 and 52-inch decks available.

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Keep it Green

Becker Underwood has introduced a full line of turf colorants under the Green Lawnger brand. Lineman Pro Green is the only green turfgrass colorant approved for application on NFL natural turf playing fields. Specifically formulated with low “rub off” characteristics, it minimizes discoloration of sports team uniforms and equipment. Green Lawnger with ColorLock technology is for year-round applications in all turfgrasses. Graphics was designed for the natural coloration of warm-season grasses. Transition is a UV heat-absorbing colorant that produces a very dark green color. It helps delay the effects of plant dormancy in late fall and jump-starts the playing season when applied in early spring. Vision Pro offers long-lasting green color that resists the effects of UV degradation.

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New Quinclorac Herbicide

United Turf Alliance has expanded its ArmorTech product line with ArmorTech QuinPro, a dry flowable quinclorac herbicide for postemergent weed eradication. Safe on many common turfgrass species, QuinPro is effective against broadleaf and grassy weeds, including crabgrass, dollarweed, clover, dandelion, speedwell, foxtail and violets. With a highly flexible seeding window, the product can be applied seven days or more before seeding and any time before, during or after sprigging. Foliar and root absorption ensure maximum control. It must be tank-mixed with a methylated seed oil for effective control.

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Turf Box for Sprinklers

Underhill International now offers a custom-designed Turf Box to house its long-throw Mirage-125 sprinklers, typically installed around the perimeter of synthetic sports fields. The Turf Box enclosures sit 18 inches below grade and measure 15 by 18 inches. Artificial turf is laid up to the edge of the Turf Box lid. Sprinklers can be serviced through the top of the box, without interfering with track or field surfaces. The base has a 2.5-inch return flange for stability in all types of soil. The box is made from 16-gauge stainless steel with stainless steel hardware and a lid covered in Trex Polywood. Drip holes prevent standing water.

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