The Super Finetine is designed to be used to maintain infiltration rates through the thatch layer between verticutting and coring treatments.


The Core Breaker separates grass roots from soil and deposits soil back on the turf. Available in 69 and 93-inch working widths.


The SANDCAT aerifier and amendment injector combines wave-action shattering of the soil laterally with sand injection into the vertical vein.


Offers four aerators that come in widths from 18 inches to 15 feet; use core, slitter and fracture tines; and drain off excess surface water.

CS Trading

Maxislit deep slice aerators achieve clean, deep slits with little or no disturbance. They can also be used to maintain drainage on skinned areas.

Drill & Fill Mfg.

The Drill & Fill Aerator penetrates hard soils and backfills to amend the soil profile while aerifying. Allows play to resume immediately.

Earth & Turf

The Linear Aerator conditions a 58-inch swath by using aggressive, spiral-mounted teeth to cut grooves 3 inches deep, .5 inch wide and 3.5 inches apart.

First Products

The AERA-vator features patented vibrating tines that loosen soil around and underneath each tine, fracturing the soil with nine holes per square foot.


The Contour Sand Injection unit is powered by a 20 hp Honda engine. Cutting depth is variable from 0 to 1.5 inches; cutting width is 21 inches.

Grass Stitcher

The Grass Stitcher can be used for aeration with the plowing action of its wheels, the precise shape and size of the spikes, and the efficient handle design.

John Deere

The Aercore 2000 has a 77.5-inch coring swath, coring depth up to 4 inches, 2.4 and 3.2-inch coring patterns and ability to cover 100,066 square feet per hour.


The Hooker tow-behind model comes with a two-point hitch, rigid frame and swiveling caster wheels that allow it to track directly behind the tow vehicle.


Infinity tines feature new technology that results in a more durable steel. Many versions are available, including Quad, Bayonet, Crosstines and more.

L.T. Rich

The Z-Plug is a stand-on, zero-turn aerator with ground speeds up to 8 mph. It can produce core depths from 2 to 3.5 inches. Several attachments available.


The Vibe-Spiker TT2113 tow-behind unit has a vibrating, loosening action and working depth of 4.5 inches. It can be pulled with any UTV or small tractor.


Easy-Core series machines offer simple adjustments, trouble-free belt drive system, multiple tine options and high working speeds.


The ED130 can be used as a dethatcher, slicer or spiker. Available in 51 and 72-inch working widths for tractors with 25 to 55 hp.


The Ground Quake Sand Injector has three 10-inch long blades per flange, working on 10-inch centers. It decompacts and slits in a single pass.


The Greens Spiker/Seeder overseeds and aerates in one pass. Features replaceable stainless steel spikes. Available in three models.


The Toro 864 aerator is 64 inches wide with eight coring heads, while the 1298 model is 98 inches wide with 12 coring heads.


TurnAer 4 and 6 units feature front-traction drive, brake-assisted steering and DiffDrive system that allows operators to turn with the tines in the ground.

TurfTime Equip.

Ground-driven aerators come in 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8-foot widths, with three different slicing tines and coring tines on 5 or 7-inch spacing. Optional pull kit.


The TerraSpike GXi 8 HD weighs about 1,985 pounds and can be fitted with a variety of solid and coring tines. Available with multitine holders and weight kit.

Wood Bay

Wood Bay’s dynaBLADE verticutting replacement blades are laser-cut from steel and have tungsten carbide tips to protect them from wear.

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