Seed and Sod

Barenbrug USA

RPR Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass features extreme traffic tolerance and the ability to recover from significant damage. Winner STMA 2011 Innovative Product of the Year.

DeLea Sod Farms

Uses specific grass varieties, chosen for their wear tolerance characteristics, for athletic sod applications. Thick-cut and big-roll bluegrass sod.

Graff’s Turf Farms

Graff’s provides turfgrass and services that fit the needs of sports turf professionals. Offers short-cut sports turf and complete field renovation services.

Jacklin Seed by Simplot

Full product line includes bentgrass, ryegrass, bluegrass, bermudagrass, fescues, zoysia and specialty grasses. Varieties include L-93, T-1 and Alpha bentgrass.

Johnston Seed Co.

In five years of NTEP trails, Riviera Bermuda was ranked first overall for early green-up, turf quality, rich green color, texture, uniformity and density. Tolerant to cold, drought and disease resistant.

King Ranch Turfgrass

Produces and installs high-quality, sand-based sod and sprigs, including certified TifSport, TifGrand, Celebration and Tifway 419.

Oakwood Sod Farm

Patriot bermudagrass is available as Maryland certified sod, either palletized or in big rolls. Patriot has relatively fine texture, good sod density and dark green color.

Patten Seed

Zenith Zoysia is a proven warm-season turfgrass well-suited for temperate and transition zone sports applications. It is low-growing and self-propagating.

Pennington Seed, Inc.

Drought tolerant and reliable in high traffic areas, Bermuda Triangle is a three-way blend of Pennington’s elite varieties. Pennington’s Bermuda Triangle produces a top-performing turf.


Karma perennial ryegrass offers gray leaf spot resistance, brown patch resistance and overseeding quality. Superior germination, establishment and growth in areas with severe summer stress.

Savage Farms

Offers bluegrass blends, bluegrass/fescue mix and RTF (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue). Sod is available palletized and in 4-by-50-foot big rolls.

Sod Solutions

Latitude 36 bermudagrass, developed and released by Oklahoma State University, is a sterile triploid hybrid that offers outstanding cold hardiness and high traffic tolerance.

Sustainable Low Maintenance Grass

Cutting Edge grass seed is a patent-pending blend of Kentucky bluegrass and other top-quality seed designed to require little to no watering, mowing or fertilizing.

TifSport Growers Association

TifSport’s turf quality, turf density and turf strength help it recover quite rapidly from injury and stress. This bermudagrass handles frequent, lower mowing heights well.

West Coast Turf

Offering more than 20 different varieties of turfgrass, sod and stolons. Services include custom-grown sod, sod installation, hydroseeding and stolon planting.


AquaSmart Enterprises

AquaSmart is a unique turf amendment that increases the moisture holding capacity of the soil. Holds 12 times its weight in water.

Diamond Pro

Double Play infield conditioner is a blend of Diamond Pro’s Vitrified Red Infield Conditioner and Professional Calcined Clay Conditioner, together in one bag.

DuraEdge Engineered Soils

DuraEdge infield mixes are custom-blended engineered soils produced to exact specification. This eliminates impurities in the mix while providing a consistent blend.

Game Time Sports Systems

The Louisville Slugger line of specialized products includes infield conditioners, three grades of infield mix, and mound and batter’s box clay.

Mar-co Clay

Mar-Co Infield Clay is a controlled blend of clay, sand and aggregate available in three standard mixes: Firm, Standard and Light. Custom blends upon request.


Beam Clay provides over 200 infield products, including regional infield mixes blended for every state and climate from bulk plants nationwide.

Pro’s Choice

Easy Mound packing clay or preformed bricks form a durable, solid subsurface in batter’s boxes and pitcher’s mounds to give players solid footing and alleviate common wear problems.

Profile Products

Field & Fairway is designed to make muddy, native soil fields safe and playable. It can be dumped and raked into slippery, slimy areas in rainy, muddy conditions.

Southern Athletic Fields

SAF Mound Clay is a high-denstiy material used to repair wear areas. Mar Mound is a special blend of sand, silt and clay, ready to use out of the bag.

Stabilizer Solutions, Inc.

Hilltopper “waterless” Infield Mix has a cohesive polymer molecule that provides the soil particles with the same amount of cohesion that damp soil tends to have, eliminating the need for water.

Turf Diagnostics & Design

Testing on soils, infield mixes, aggregates and amendments for both natural and synthetic turf fields. Soil and subgrade diagnostics for existing fields.

Waupaca Sand & Solutions

For building new infields or fixing underperforming infields, Sure-Hop Infield Mixes are made in multiple formulations, so field managers can select the right mix for their field.