Your New Buddy

Wireless Irrigation Solutions has introduced the Tracker Buddy wire tracking system. The small, lightweight unit has an internal speaker and auxiliary headphone. Features include a clip that allows for connection to a buried wire without disconnecting the wire, and an internal “chatter” circuit. When tracing a buried wire, the Tracker Buddy will identify a buried valve with a chattering noise in addition to the tonal sound.

Get a Grip

The Gawryla Grip from Pioneer Athletics is made from PVC plastic and allows for easy, accurate lining on artificial turf infill systems. It eliminates punctures in turf backing and disturbance of the field subsurface. A grid of pins on the bottom of the unit is designed to sink into the turf fibers and infill, providing a safe, solid anchor for tying lines and spreading the force of a taut string over an area of 36 square inches. Comes in a set of two.

Improve Your Turf

The Terra Seed, new from Wiedenmann North America, has spring tines to open up the soil surface for seedbed preparation. The stirring shaft is integrated into the galvanized seed container and driven via a V-belt by the low-pressure tires. The distance between the seed discharge opening and the turf is 5.5 inches to minimize the risk of seeds being blown away. A calibration trough and turning crank allow the operator to quickly set the discharge volume and change seeds. The subsequent seed brush is parallelogram-suspended and brushes seed into grooves. The trailed seed roller presses seed into the soil.

Add Some Mycorrhizae to Your Turf

Nascent Environmental Products has added a new product to its lineup—Micro+Plus Select with Mycorrhizae. Turf inoculated with mycorrhizae exhibits enhanced drought tolerance and resistance to disease and wear. Mycorrhizae also stimulate growth and early establishment of turf while promoting rapid recovery from wilting and more chlorophyll for greener grass. The product can be applied at a rate of 1 pint per acre every four years.

Water Born Paint

Fox Valley Systems has developed Athletic Super Stripe Water Born Paint, a water-based aerosol paint designed for field striping. The environmentally friendly paint is specially formulated with water and contains no hydrocarbon solvents and less than 1 percent VOCs. It creates sharp, long-lasting lines on all kinds of athletic fields and will not wash away in the rain. Available in white, one case will stripe one football field or two soccer fields

New Hydrogel

Terawet Ventures’ new AgraGel T-400 Blue is a superabsorbent hydrogel. The soil polymer crystal formulation can perform for up to 10 years, is nontoxic and absorbs hundreds of times its weight in water. Combined with a slow-release urea nitrate fertilizer, the crystals biodegrade and leave no residual toxicity in the soil. The crystals are engineered to release their moisture into the soil when the soil dries out to 50 percent of field capacity. This prompts plant roots to seek out and grow toward the new available moisture. The product promotes increased root mass and extends time between irrigations.