Safe Field Layout

Newstripe’s SafeMark field layout system is a safe way to lay out any athletic field and never have to measure again. Key layout points are measured out and the UV-protected, high-density foam locators are installed flush with the ground. The locators have no holes or plugs and are held permanently in place, eliminating the need to remeasure each time the field is striped. The SafeMark locators match the surrounding turf density so they can be safely used even in the field of play. They can’t be stolen or destroyed by aerators, vehicles or rust from sprinklers. Each SafeMark set comes complete with layout spikes, 600 feet of cord and the installation auger.

Irrigation for Small Areas

The Bauer Group’s new A3 high-efficiency irrigation system features a galvanized pipe reel that swivels easily through 180 degrees and can be assembled by a single operator. The polyethylene pipe is available in lengths of 410, 492 and 558 feet, with diameters of 2 1/8 and 2.5 inches. In one irrigation run, the sprinkler covers up to 230 feet side to side over a maximum irrigated length of 656 feet. A second strip opposite the first area can be irrigated following the initial run without having to change the position of the unit. At a working pressure of at least 3.5 bar, the unit achieves precise flow rates of 21 to 88 GPM.

Let Turf Breathe

GreenJacket now offers Permeable grow-in covers that act with the sun’s power to create a greenhouse effect, helping to warm up the turf and soil. Because it’s permeable, the cover allows the turf and soil to breathe, yet still retains moisture and increases the sun’s ability to heat up the underlying turf. It works well for jump-starting newly established turf and root development. The covers are made of 2.5-ounce, UV-resistant, uncoated woven poly material and are available in 9-foot-wide and 5-foot-long increments. All edges of each one-piece cover are folded over and sewn for added reinforcement.

New Push Sprayer

EarthWay has introduced the new S15 Spray-Pro push sprayer. With 10-inch pneumatic wheels and a 5-gallon tank, it is designed for spraying pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. The S15 is a fully assembled smaller version of the S25 Spray-Pro Mark III and includes an adjustable spray system. Use it in areas where a boom sprayer cannot go. There is no gas or batteries to worry about.

PTO-Driven Sweeper

The Sisis Litamina from CS Trading is a compact sweeper/collector for collecting all types of surface debris from fine turf and outfield turf. With the mesh hopper fitted, the Litamina collects unwanted surface debris from synthetic turf while allowing the infill material to return to the surface. It features a spiral design brush for improved collection, simple brush adjustment without tools and large-capacity hopper. The PTO-driven unit follows ground contours and has a standard Category I three-point linkage