Easy Turf Repair

The Grass Stitcher tool, from Grass Stitcher LLC, quickly repairs bare spots in turf with three steps. The operator rolls the implement over the trouble spot, spreads grass seed and sprinkles the area with water. The angled, spiked wheels create the perfect environment for seed germination, making ample-sized holes surrounded by loosened soil. Remaining dead grass provides the mulch necessary to retain moisture and protect the germinating seeds from the sun. The leveraged handle ensures correct planting depth.

New Shielded Sprayer

ProLawn’s new model ESC53 is a commercial-grade, low-profile shielded sprayer. The maneuverable unit has an 8-gallon tank and sprays up to 1 acre per fill-up. The locking front wheel makes it easy to fit through tight gates and maneuver on hills. Features include a rechargeable battery, FloJet electric pump, pressure regulator and ball indicators for spray efficiency.

The Stecavator

Blec has introduced the Stecavator with reverse rotation technology. It comes in a standard range with 41 to 80-inch working widths for 18 to 85 hp tractors, and in a heavy-duty range with 71 to 118-inch working widths for 75 to 150 hp tractors. Oil bath gear drive in all models provides added durability. The unit offers two blade options, with reverse tine technology and stone burying capability.

Keep Air Flowing

GreenJacket has introduced the GreenJacket AFS (Air Flow System), designed to provide insulation and air movement under the GreenJacket Turf Cover. The system is a UV-resistant, nonwoven PET staple fiber, bonded with a blend of acrylic resins that are not water-soluble. The lightweight AFS fabric can handle a snow and ice load of 50 pounds per square foot while allowing air to move freely. It works in conjunction with the GreenJacket vent tubing system, and installation is unaffected by wind. It is available in 80-inch-by-150-foot rolls (1,000 square feet per roll).

Tines Galore

Stens offers a selection of quad line, solid and coring tines. Durable quad tines provide excellent core cut and quality. Small cores lead to less grow-in time. Solid tines enhance root density by facilitating healthy levels of water and gas exchange. They are less traumatic to grass, have low abrasiveness and leave a level surface. Coring tines feature increased tine life and help turf recover from stress.

Do More with Your UTV

C.S. Trading offers the 3PointPower linkage kit for utility vehicles. The kit provides a fully adjustable three-point linkage, allowing utility vehicles to be used for aerating, brushing, seeding, rolling and various other tasks. Ideal for working in areas where a tractor would be unsuitable, the kit works with all Category I implements and can lift up to 400 pounds. The frame can be attached or removed in minutes, and the drop arms adjust for balance and height. The lift-and-lower mechanism is operated by the existing bed lever.

Convertible Cab

Curtis Industries has introduced a modular cab system for the 2009 Polaris Ranger utility vehicle. The Rapid-Convertible System (RCS) allows transformation from a fully enclosed cab to an open-air ride in 60 seconds. A ROPS base frame with cab receiver mounts provides easy installation of the modular components. The roof, windshield and rear panel feature a quick-release pin-to-slot connection and heavy-duty, quick-release latch. The Quantum-coated polycarbonate windshield can be equipped with a wiper. Thermoformed TPO material, used for all body panels, provides impact resistance, heat deflection and dimensional stability. The cab, available in black, features door and rear panel sliders made of Impact Modified Acrylic.

Quick on the Uptake

Precision Laboratories offers Uptake Technology, a line of plant nutrition products with a concentrated formula that produces healthy turf at lower use rates. It provides benefits in the categories of color, quality, tank mixing, coverage and absorption. It is available in seven analyses: 10-0-0-10Ca, 5-0-0-5Fe, 20-0-15, 15-15-15, 8-10-0-7B, 5-0-10 and 3-0-25. These offer a broad range of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium solutions, combined with a built-in adjuvant package.

Right on Schedule

Magnatag Visible Systems offers the 31-Day Crew Scheduling Board as a fast, efficient, flexible way to plan work schedules and display them for employees. The heat fusion-printed, magnetic whiteboard system is available in four sizes to accommodate four to 16 crews for up to four months. It includes magnetic card holders to show job locations and specifications, as well as magnet circles in 10 colors, magnetic month and date sets, and write-on tools.

New Rotary Cutter

Schulte Industries’ FX180 Rotary Cutter has a single, domed, 7-gauge, continuously welded deck that helps shed debris while cutting and prevents rusting from pooling water. The Super Suction .5-by-4-inch blades have 6.5-inch overlap and high tip speed. The mower also features a Bondioli four-gearbox driveline with independent slip clutches; 80-degree CV shaft for smooth power transmission during tight turns; spun-formed, 7-gauge round skidpans; and Pentagon Blade Bolt for maximum anti-rotational resistance. Deck rings protect the cutter deck from the blades rising when obstacles are encountered, and greaseable turnbuckles help to reduce wear.

Energy-Efficient Pumps

ITT Flowtronex has enhanced its FloBoy pump system for irrigation, available in two energy-efficient configurations. The Small Variable Speed Pump has flow rates up to 250 GPM and pressures up to 125 PSI, while the Mid VSP has flow rates up to 450 GPM and pressures up to 140 PSI. An external flowmeter is optional. VFD technology improves system efficiency with simple touch screen controls and accurate flowmeter technology. The new enclosure, made with powder-coated carbon steel, has a lockable door to its control panel and removable rear access panels.

In the Zone

PBI/Gordon Corp.’s new T-Zone herbicide contains triclopyr, sulfentrazone and phenoxies for postemergent control of broadleaf weeds in cool-season turfgrasses. Sulfentrazone inhibits a key enzyme required for chlorophyll production, enhances speed and suppresses yellow nutsedge. Weed death can occur within seven to 14 days. Rain-fast in three hours, T-Zone controls wild violets, ground ivy, oxalis, black medic, clover, spurge, speedwell and lespedeza. The oil-based formula cuts through the cuticle of tough weeds.