Fast Mower Blade Cleaning

The MAG-12008 mower blade cleaner is the latest in the lineup of service tools from Magna-Matic Corp. This unit cleans a blade with two large gangs of wire brushes. It will clean blades up to 30 inches long and 3.75 inches wide in 60 seconds. All dirt and debris is channeled to a vacuum port of the MAG-12008, so your shop environment is not filled with dust.

Speedy Insect Control

FMC Professional Solutions has launched Talstar XTRA granular insecticide. It combines the proven residual of Talstar with the speed of a new active ingredient, zeta-cypermethrin. It provides quick and long-term control of a wide range of surface-feeding pests, including the red imported fire ant. The formulation quickly disrupts the insect’s nervous system. The dense sand granule enables the product to penetrate thatch to reach pests, yet appears invisible due to its small size. It is labeled for use against most ants, chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, mole crickets, crane flies and other turf pests. It is approved for broadcast or mound applications.

Natural Pest Control

Natural Forces has added three products to its biopesticide line: Bugitol, Nemitol and Dazitol. All are formulated as powerful insecticide/miticide/molluscicide/fungicide and repellent options for foliar, soil and soil mix applications. The concentrated products contain essential oil of mustard for fast knockdown, while capsaicin gives added residual control and repellency.


Pioneer Athletics’ Field Crewzer features a counter-rotating brush that lifts surface debris into a hopper, placing it on a vibrating sieve. Debris is shaken into a collector at the rear of the machine, while infill material is returned to the field and evenly redistributed by a floating drag brush. Its components are powered independently by a 7 hp Honda GX 240 engine, as opposed to depending on a PTO system. The entire unit can be pulled by a utility vehicle. The machine lifts up via the linkage for transport.

New Irrigation Hose

Kochek has introduced UltraLite and GH Series irrigation hose. UltraLite is lightweight and durable, with a 1-inch internal diameter. It features high-tensile-strength virgin polyester yarn and a braided, woven, infused smooth rubber helicoil design to retain its rigid shape. The 1-inch diameter has a 1-inch full flow coupling, and the 1.25-inch diameter has a standard coupling with a 1-inch fitting.
The GH Series has a smooth black PVC inner tube with a cover of opaque green PVC compound reinforced with high-tensile-strength yarn. It comes in .75 and 1-inch diameters and in different lengths. Equipped with barb couplings, it features high working and burst pressures and superior weather, ozone and UV resistance.

Keep it Simple

Green Pro Solutions’ Dirt Simple compost tea brewers provide consistently high-quality compost tea. The units are easy to use and to clean. Three compost tea tests and cleaning supplies are included with the brewer, which is designed to meet the standards of the soil food web. The brewers come in sizes from 30 to 1,000 gallons.