ACO Sport

Trench drains have a cellular TPE rubber edging integrally cast into the drainage channel to provide a softer edge and minimize impact injuries on the field.

American Wick Drain

Environmentally friendly EXCELDRAIN provides drainage and water evacuation to enhance player safety. It collects and transports 16 GPM per foot of width.


The model 1500 portable irrigation traveler comes with two batteries and a plug-in charger. It can be ordered with a solar panel to keep the battery charged.


EnkaTurf Drain is a 6 or 12-inch strip drain consisting of a nylon core of fused, entangled filaments completely encased in a nonwoven, heat-bonded geotextile fabric.

Firestone Specialty Products

The EPIC Chamber is an on-site water management and reuse system designed to collect, filter, retain and distribute water belowground at its source.

Great Lakes Inter-Drain

The AFT 45 trencher is designed for sports fields and other trenching needs. It features an optional grade control package and conveyor cleanup system.

Hunter Industries

The ST System is a package of irrigation products suited for cooling and cleaning synthetic turf. It features gear-driven long-range rotors and a multiaxis swing joint.

JDR Enterprises

J-Drain Turfcore is a vertical to horizontal drainage blanket used under synthetic fields. J-Drain Turf- Edge provides drainage for the track and turf simultaneously.

KID Group

Micro Rain automatic traveling irrigation systems offer watering solutions for natural and artificial turf athletic fields, with several models available.


The B140 Water-Reel can irrigate a football field in a single pass, operates unattended and shuts off automatically at the end of its run.


Ergonomic pistol grip and bale valves have a 1-inch NPSH female full-time swivel and 1-inch NPSH male connection. Available in .75-inch GHT.

Neptune Chemical Pump

Series 500 hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pumps allow users to adjust the amount of fertilizer applied per acre so turf receives the correct dosage.


Physical root barriers in Techline CV micro-emitters protect the tubing from plant and tree root intrusion. The 17-mm flexible tubing has check valves in each emitter.

Port Industries

Shelton Supertrenchers have a two-speed digging wheel to maximize performance in wet or dry conditions. Trencher is aligned with the center of the tractor.

Reelcraft Industries

The self-contained hose reel trailer is designed for applications requiring up to 100 feet of hose. The trailer bed offers additional space for tool trays and other accessories.

STEC Equipment

The AFT 45 for tractors from 20 to 45 hp was designed as a versatile trencher for sports fields for the installation of drainage and irrigation systems.

SubAir Systems

Passive Capillary Drainage elements provide fast free-flow drainage and capillary suction to remove excess moisture. After installation, only fast-healing slits remain.

Toro Irrigation

The Toro T7 rotor has a 5.75-inch pop-up height, large radius and arc setting indicator. Smart Arc returns the rotor to its original setting if someone tampers with it.

Turf Teq

The Power Edger can trench up to 7 inches deep. The self-propelled, walk-behind unit is powered by a 13 hp engine and offers cutting widths of .5, 2 and 5 inches.


The M-160 Total Solutions Kit for synthetic turf includes complete AutoCad irrigation system illustrations and key irrigation components in one package.

Water Management Specialist

Designs and installs drainage systems, renovates existing ball fields and installs sand-capped, built-up athletic field systems.

The June issue of SportsField Management will focus on Sprayers and Aeration Equipment.