Rainstar A Series irrigation machines feature quick and easy swiveling of the reel into its required working positions. Suitable for a variety of applications.

BowDry-Seago Int’l.

The BowDry is a fast, quiet and efficient way to clear standing water from any surface. The foam roller picks up the water that is then squeezed off into the rear holding tank, which holds up to 16 gallons of liquid. Wide rear rollers on the tank support the weight of the water.

Campey Imants

The Koro by Imants TopDrain is a unique multifunctional machine that trenches, removes soil, injects sand and re-compacts all in one operation. The sand grid created by the TopDrain is intended to complement the existing drainage system.

Dynamax, Inc.

The compact SM150 soil moisture sensor measures volumetric soil moisture content with 3 percent accuracy. The SM150 Kit is a simple, convenient option for making soil moisture measurements on the move.

Great Lakes Inter-Drain

The AFT 45 tractor-mounted trencher has the versatility to dig from 1 to 8-inch widths and has a soil cleanup conveyor to load to a trailer. Optional automatic laser setup allows the operator to install drainage on a grade.


The WATERMARK Electronic Module (WEM) is placed either at a 24 VAC valve or controller and overrides operation when soil has sufficient moisture at the roots, as reported by two included WATERMARK soil moisture sensors located at different depths of the irrigated area.


The B140 Water-Reel can irrigate a football field in a single pass, operates unattended and shuts off automatically at the end of its run.

Kochek Co., Inc.

Big Water is a blend of proprietary surfactants that increase percolation rates in athletic field applications. Using the concentrate prior to a storm will help alleviate flooding.

Knutson Irrigation

Micro Rain automatic traveling irrigation systems offer one-pass watering solutions for natural and artificial turf athletic fields, with seven models to choose from.

Netafim USA

Netafim USA multifunction hydrometers provide visible, real-time data to help field managers evaluate water consumption on a daily basis. The versatile device features four functions: built-in master valve, water meter, flow sensor and pressure-regulating valve.

PortaPump-Seago Int’l.

The PortaPump is a one-person pumping station. The self-priming, 33 GPM pump is powered by a 35cc Honda GX engine. The PortaPump features a centrifugal clutch and half-speed trigger lock. Options include a wire mesh sand screen and a kickstand.

Rain Bird

The Rain Bird 8005 rotor’s 39 to 81-foot radius is ideal for watering sports fields. The 8005’s brass turret-to-riser interface and non-strippable drive make it difficult to break, and an optional stainless steel riser model helps deter vandalism on public turf areas.

Spectrum Technologies

Spectrum Technologies Inc. has launched a new version of the FieldScout GreenIndex+ app for turfgrass applications. The GreenIndex+ Turf app captures images of turfgrass from a smartphone, calculates the DGCI (Dark Green Color Index) and displays a visual rating.

Toro Irrigation

The Toro T7 rotor has a 5.75-inch pop-up height, large radius and arc setting indicator. Smart Arc returns the rotor to its original setting if someone tampers with it.

Water Management Specialist, Inc.

Water Management Specialist, Inc. designs and installs drainage systems to meet the needs of sports field managers.