The ABI Micro Series traveling irrigation systems are ideal for all types of sports fields and have a simple turbine drive system.

Blec USA

The AFT Sandbander quickly installs 1-inch wide drainage slits and simultaneously fills them with consolidated sand up to a depth of 10 inches.


Cadman Mini-Travellers feature the latest in design technology. They are compact and easy to set up and use.


DM Series dolly-mount, hand-crank hose reels feature 1.25-inch all-steel construction, removable handle and solid, 8-inch rubber tires.

Ditch Witch

The 36-inch wide Zahn R150 trencher is powered by a 15 hp Honda engine and has an articulation joint, 11-gallon fuel tank and operator’s console.


The TH2O combines the ML2 Theta probe, which works well in all kinds of soils, and the HH2 hand-held readout, which can store up to 1,000 readings.


Ewing Irrigation offers an array of products, including water-conscious sensors, controllers and multistream rotors.

E-Z Trench

The Groundsaw digs trenches 13 inches deep and 2.5 inches wide at a rate of 20 feet per minute. It weighs 250 pounds and has a 6.5 hp Honda engine.

Great Lakes Inter-Drain

Offering three-point-mounted, PTO-driven trenchers with widths from 2 to 12 inches. Can be fitted with a conveyor system.

Greenshield Systems

Designs and installs sports turf drainage systems to reduce soil saturation, utilizing vertical column drainage.


The ITM tray drainage system consists of 46-inch-square, high-density polyethylene modules. Perforated bases allow air and water circulation.

Hannay Reels

The GH1100 portable hose reel is equipped with a removable steel handlebar, one-piece foot, rubber-tired wheels and camlock brake device.


Built on the hovercraft principle, the HoverDry Sports Turf Pump supports itself on a cushion of air, getting rid of water without flattening grass.


Hunter offers a variety of irrigation products, including the I-35 Sierra, a 1-inch commercial rotor for high performance.


The Watermark soil moisture manager interrupts unnecessary irrigation cycles when soil moisture levels exceed the adjustable set point.

KID Group

Offering a line of heavy-duty, wheeled sprinkler carts. Sprinkler heads may be set for a full circle pattern or any part of a circle.


The Water-Reel is portable and self-retracting and shuts off automatically when finished. Large and small Water-Reels are available.


Kochek offers ultra-light irrigation hose, dual-gallonage jump nozzles, fittings, wetting agents and delivery systems.


ProSport rotary sprinklers have a 5-inch pop-up height and precision-engineered, three-port nozzles. Arc setting on top of sprinkler.


The Helix filters irrigation water, comes in three sizes and is available with polypropylene disc media or stainless steel screen.

Neptune Chemical

Hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps handle a variety of product applications, including fertilizers and soil penetrants, at flow rates from .01 to 80 GPH.

Port Industries

The Shelton Super Trencher has a spoil conveyor for clean trenching and can trench widths from 1 to 5 inches and depths from 8 to 28 inches.

Ring Industrial

EZflow is a geosynthetic aggregate pipe system made of recycled polystyrene. It evacuates five times more water than gravel and pipe systems.

Turf Teq

The Power Edger/Trencher can trench up to 7 inches deep in .5-inch increments. Four blades are offered for cutting widths of .5, 2 and 5 inches.


The Claw helps prevent quick coupler accidents, acting like an anchor to hold the coupler in place and restraining rotational, vertical and horizontal motion.

Varicore Technologies

The Multi-Flow Athletic Field Drainage Guide provides advice, details and drawings to assist in draining athletic fields.

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