ABI Micro Series traveling irrigation systems are ideal for all types of sports fields and have a simple turbine drive system.

American Rain Reel

The ARR3 irrigates a football field in just under six hours, automatically shuts off when irrigation is complete and is easy to operate and maintain.


BigSprinkler irrigation carts work well for natural sports turf irrigation or cooling, rinsing and conditioning artificial sports turf.

Cadman Power Equip.

The Cadman Mini-Traveller has a strong frame and easy-to-use drive system. Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver, set up and use.


EnkamatPlus is a 3-D, heavy-duty Enkamat core heat-bonded to an 8-ounce polyester geotextile fabric. The open structure of the core allows water through.


Ewing Irrigation offers an array of products, including water-conscious sensors, controllers and multistream rotors.

Great Lakes Inter-Drain

Offering three-point-mounted, PTO-driven trenchers with widths from 2 to 12 inches. Can be fitted with a conveyor system.

Greenshield Systems

Designs and installs sports turf drainage systems to reduce soil saturation, utilizing vertical column drainage.


The HoverDry Sports Turf pump, powered by a 5.5 hp Honda engine, gently removes water from turf areas and has no minimum working depth.

KID Group

Offering a line of heavy-duty, wheeled sprinkler carts. Sprinkler heads may be set for a full circle pattern or any part of a circle.


All Kifco Water-Reels offer adjustable speed control, automatic retraction and shutdown and efficient electric battery with up to 40 hours of run time on one charge.


The NZ015-HV nozzle can put out up to 100 GPM and has an aluminum body with a 1-inch thread. Use with 1-inch diameter or larger hose.

Neptune Chemical

Hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps handle a variety of product applications, including fertilizers and soil penetrants, at flow rates from .01 to 80 GPH.

Port Industries

Shelton Supertrenchers have a two-speed digging wheel to maximize performance in wet or dry conditions. Trencher is aligned with the center of the tractor.

Southern Athletic Fields

Ultralight hose weighs 16 pounds per 100-foot section. It comes standard with 1-inch couplings on both ends. Use with constant-flow or dual-range nozzles.


AFT Trenchers come in a variety of models and options to fit any trenching need, from the AFT 45 for compact tractors to the Wizz Wheel lineup for larger jobs.

Turf Teq

The self-propelled, walk-behind, 13 hp Power Edger can trench up to 7 inches deep. Four blades offer cutting widths of .5, 2 and 5 inches.


The polypropylene Catch Can Pro is an on-site auditing method to help determine if sports field sprinklers are underperforming and wasting water.

Varicore Technologies

The Multi-Flow Athletic Field Drainage Guide provides advice, details and drawings to assist in draining athletic fields.

Water Management Specialist

Designs and installs drainage systems, renovates existing ball fields and installs sand-capped, built-up athletic field systems.