Roll With It

The TURFSAW from Earth & Turf Products is a rolling aerator of simple design. The operator slides it onto the bucket of a tractor loader and tightens the mounting bolts. The weight and down pressure of the loader are used to furnish most of the working weight. Solid blades adjust to permit an increase in penetration from 2.5 to 3.75 inches. The aerator can be operated at speeds up to 10 mph and can aerate with proper soil disturbance in one pass. It has a shattering action that produces little or no compaction.

Dispatch Dryness

Dispatch soil penetrant from Aquatrols combines two surfactants to help minimize water lost to evaporation and runoff. It can increase the retention and availability of nitrogen by up to 20 percent. Its mode of action promotes more penetration and distribution of applied nutrients and chemicals. Dispatch reduces water usage without sacrificing turf quality and helps maintain turf’s physiological efficiency for better performance and playability. It is available in sprayable and injectable formulas.

Brite Stripes

Pioneer Athletics has introduced the Brite Striper 3000 airless striping machine. It uses a high-pressure pump system that delivers clean, precise lines and logos. It can be used on both natural and synthetic turf surfaces. PSI is adjustable from 0 to 3,000. The unit is powered by a 5.5 hp Honda engine and has an electrical clutch system pump engagement. It features large pneumatic wheels, lightweight frame, front-locking swivel wheel and 50-foot hose. It draws paint from a 5-gallon bulk paint pail. A Clean & Flush System allows unused paint to be recaptured.

High-Flow Valves

Underhill’s new high-flow valves thread directly onto hand-held hoses and control water volume and pressure when syringing sports fields. Ergonomically designed for one-hand control, the valves have a .75-inch hose thread inlet/outlet and are offered in either solid brass that delivers up to 50 GPM or composite/stainless steel offering up to 55 GPM. With a large-diameter ball valve design, the valves can be adjusted for specific site requirements.

Regional Fertilizers

Horizon now offers a line of TurfGro fertilizers that are blended to provide optimum turf fertilization on athletic fields, landscapes and more. TurfGro fertilizers are developed specifically for the turf, soil and weather in particular regions. The line includes Landscaper Plus 16-0-8, a no-phosphorus, high-iron blend; Pro Starter 6-20-10, with high phosphorus and reduced potash levels; Cool Season 21-0-7; TurfGro 15-5-10; Winterizer 21-2-15 for cool-weather markets; and combination products such as TurfGro 15-3-5 with Dimension herbicide.

Field Groomer

Gandy Co.’s ball diamond field groomer combines a scarifier, leveling blade and finishing brush. Each function can be activated separately or in combination with the flick of a switch. The blade can be used to fill holes or low areas, and the heat-treated scarifier can be used to break up hard, packed surfaces. The brush gives ball diamonds and running tracks an ideal playing finish. The pull-behind unit can be used with many types of utility vehicles and has a hydraulic or electric lift.

New Compact Tractor

Kioti has expanded its compact tractor line with the addition of the DK75. The 75 hp, 268.5-cubic-inch, turbocharged diesel engine is mounted to a fully synchronized transmission with 12 gears. The Category II three-point hitch has stabilizers and telescoping ends. The fully enclosed cab features air conditioning and/or heat, optional radio/CD player, deluxe suspension seat, power steering and tilt wheel. Standard features include push-button four-wheel drive, single-lever joystick, forward-facing hydraulic couplers, rear differential lock, rear PTO, wet disc brakes, single-element air cleaner and single remote hydraulic valve.

Inject and Aerate

Aqua-Aid offers the SANDCAT, a unit that combines wave-action lateral shattering of the soil with sand injection into the vertical vein. Soil is decompacted and aerated from the surface to the full working depth of 6 inches. It can quickly inject more than 1 ton of sand per 1,000 square feet of turf. With a 42-inch working width, it requires 30 hp for aeration and 45 to 60 hp for sand injection. The unit has 21 blades and weighs 1,190 pounds.