Summer’s just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to add some new gear  to your equipment arsenal. In this special section, you’ll find a variety of tools and products from some of the industry’s leading, and most innovative, companies. Sprayers, fertilizers, mowers, aerators—we’ve got all the products you’re looking for. No matter your need, no matter your budget, our Industry Innovators have something for you. To learn more about any of these products, simply circle the reader service number on the enclosed card and send it in, or visit for more information.


Gro-Power 0-0-15/RBG has been added to the Gro-Power Premium Green line of professional turf products. It contains 7 percent calcium and 3 percent magnesium in a rapid-breakdown granule. It contains no chlorides, sewage sludge or manure. Premium Green products contain humus, humic acids, beneficial soil bacteria and soil penetrants. The products will never layer or build up in soil.

L.T. Rich

L.T. Rich now offers the Z-Spray Mini Max, a junior version of its Z-Max. The 35.5-inch-wide unit has zero-turn steering for maneuverability. A 10 hp engine produces a top speed of 8 mph. Twin 7-gallon tanks allow for use of multiple liquid products. Three Turbo Flood Jet nozzles provide a spray width of 4 or 8 feet. The all-stainless steel, 550-pound unit has a 3 GPM pump, 25-foot coil hose, GPS speedometer and hydraulic hopper system with 170-pound capacity and a variable spread width of 4 to 25 feet.

Fleet US

Following the success of its walk-behind field marking system, Fleet US has introduced the BeamRider RX for utility vehicles. The system is easily detachable, has a 40-gallon capacity and allows operators to quickly paint laser-straight lines. It eliminates the problems of ghosting from strings, string tension in the wind and inaccuracies.

Infield-Drag/Heying Co.

The PR72 Pro Groomer infield drag from Infield-Drag/Heying Co. levels infields, warning tracks, granular running tracks and more by cutting off high spots and filling in low areas. It keeps infields level, well groomed and in safe playing condition. It can be used to mix in new material or to break up compacted surfaces. The 6-foot-wide unit can be pulled with a variety of tow vehicles, saves labor, reduces water puddling and removes weeds. It is available with a manual or electric lift.

Graff’s Turf Farms

Graff’s Turf Farms has added complete field renovations to complement its existing line of high-quality, sand-based sports turf. Clients will save time and increase project consistency by relying on Graff’s to complete the whole project in a timely manner. The renovation process includes milling out the existing turf and tilling and amending the existing sand soil base. State-of-the-art laser grading rounds out the preparation before installation of big rolls of sand-based turf made up of a four-way Kentucky bluegrass blend.

Diamond Pro

Diamond Pro Professional Mound Clay is a heavy screened clay with a natural yellowish-brown color. It has a higher clay content than Diamond Pro’s red Mound Clay and needs to be hydrated at least one day prior to use in order to have the right moisture for compaction and ultimate performance. It can be used in conjunction with Diamond Pro’s other products or as a stand-alone, everyday maintenance clay. It can be used to construct, rebuild or repair pitcher’s mounds and catcher’s and batter’s boxes.

Gravely Turf

The TRM Series of professional tow-behind mowers from Gravely Turf is available in three, five or seven-gang models with each mowing head assembly containing Locke reels. The mowers are designed for precise mowing on level or undulating turf. With cutting widths of 83, 138 and 192 inches, the units feature PTO drive and will efficiently remove more material without sacrificing quality of cut than a ground or hydraulic-powered machine. The minimum horsepower required is 3 hp per gang.

Earth & Turf

Earth & Turf has added the Turfsaw aerator to its product lineup. It is a rolling aerator of simple design that attaches to a tractor loader’s bucket. The weight and down pressure of the loader are used to furnish most of the working weight. Solid blades easily adjust to increase depth from 2.5 to 3.75 inches. It can be operated at speeds up to 10 mph. With its ability to aerate with proper soil disturbance in one pass, it can aerate an entire football field in less than an hour. The Turfsaw has a shattering action that produces little or no compaction.


JRM expanded its bedknife line with a very thin Ultra-Cut bedknife, featuring a .05-inch and above height of cut with maximum drag clearance for John Deere, Toro and Jacobsen machines. JRM also added a new line of tee box, fringe and apron bedknives and has begun developing a line of fairway bedknives. The company also offers DURANIUM-801, Tournament and Micro-cut bedknives.

KID Group

Micro Rain traveling sprinklers from KID Group allow multiple sports fields to be watered with a single unit, helping sports field managers save money. The portable irrigation systems save time and labor and keep fields looking good. The Micro Rain line features machine sizes to fit any application or field size. High-speed models for rinsing and cooling artificial sports turf are also available.


The Bench Zone sideline turf protector from Aer-Flo keeps grass in great shape, fully protecting it from compaction and damage from cleats while allowing rain, sports drinks and body fluids to drain through. It is made with Vipol Matrix Material, a cleat-proof, nonabsorbent microfiber mesh that lets air and sunlight get to turf. It can be hosed off and is available in 13 colors with sharp, multicolor custom imprinting. Custom sizes, colors and get-back lines available.

Pioneer Athletics

Pioneer Athletics’ new high-performing Brite Stripe Ultra-Friendly was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency with the first-ever Design for the Environment designation for field marking paint. It is completely free of volatile organic compounds and includes more readily biodegradable components. Intensive ingredient research contributed to formulation breakthroughs that help relieve environmental stress and improve field surface health.


Newstripe’s redesigned NewRider 3000 field marking machine features improved operator safety and comfort. The 13 hp Honda OHV engine is emission-compliant, and redesigned controls offer easier use. A foot pedal or hand lever precisely controls speed and direction. The front spray head has bidirectional spray nozzles for even coverage. For stencils, mascots and logos, there is a hand gun with 12-foot hose. Dual in-line filters eliminate clogging, and a recirculating feature keeps paint mixed. The unit also features a 55-gallon tank, Eaton hydrostatic transaxle, dual spray pumps, foot-operated spray valve and garden hose purge system. Options include a removable sunshade and side spray head assembly.

TurfTime Equipment

New 3000 Series large-capacity topdressers from TurfTime Equipment have a 30-inch-wide, crescent-style conveyor belt and a 15-by-31-inch metering gate opening that makes unloading quick. There is no bridging of materials. The 3000 Series can carry large amounts of material, cutting labor costs and trips to and from the stockpile. Standard features include electronic controls, hydraulic-controlled metering gate and 41/18LL-22.5, 14-ply Galaxy Turf Special tires.

Ewing Irrigation Products

From Little League baseball diamonds to NFL football fields, Ewing Irrigation carries a full line of Turface Athletics products for a variety of applications. Products are available to alleviate drainage problems, bring vital nutrients to turfgrass or quickly eliminate puddles.

Fox Valley Systems

Fox Valley Systems offers the Athletic Super Striper and Athletic Super Stripe Paint to make field striping easy and affordable. The highly pigmented paint gives crisp, long-lasting stripes and is guaranteed to empty completely and not clog for 10 years. One case will stripe an entire football field or two soccer fields. The Athletic Super Striper has 10-inch wheels and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Fox Valley originated the upside-down aerosol paint can in 1970.


TifSport certified bermudagrass’ quality, density and strength help it recover rapidly from injury and stress. It is ideal for all types of sports fields—football, baseball, softball and soccer. In addition to superior color, cold hardiness and disease resistance, TifSport handles frequent, low mowing heights and heavy overseeding. It also features upright leaf blade orientation, drought and traffic tolerance, good leaf texture and lateral growth and a vigorous root system. It can only be sold as certified sod or sprigs, and only by licensed members of the TifSport Growers Association, which has agreed to strict production practices to promote purity and uniformity.

First Products

First Products offers a variety of turf equipment to cover maintenance needs from incorporating infield mixes to overseeding. The Aera-vator or Aera-slicer can be used for routine aeration with no cores to clean up, or the multi-tine for overseeding into all types of turf. First Products’ seeder uses single seed cups to allow for seeding both small and large seed varieties. Units range from 40-inch tow-behind models to 80-inch, three-point hitch models for use with tractors.


Markers has introduced the new Opti-Block outfield/event temporary fence system. It combines a flexible, foamed PVC-coated material with steel-reinforced SmartPoles. The banded construction material provides a 50 percent wind block. Complete 100-foot sets are offered in red, blue, green and patriotic (red, white and blue) colors.

Pro’s Choice

Pro Mound Red is the latest addition to the Pro’s Choice roster. The premium mound clay has a deep red color and offers many of the same benefits for mounds and batter’s boxes as Pro Mound packing clay. It bonds to form a solid subsurface that allows players to dig in and establish footing without leaving holes, and it will hold up season after season.

Turf Teq

Turf Teq’s model 1305BC Brush Cutter has a 13 hp Honda engine and is self-propelled with a fully hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission. It features a variable-angle cutting head, allowing the operator to cut in difficult-to-mow areas. The pivoting feature adds stability on hillsides by increasing the overall ground contact pattern. The deck pivots incrementally to the left up to 1 foot beyond the handlebars and also has an adjustable cutting height. All controls are located at the handlebars. The unit features a multiuse tractor with quick-attach that can be converted to operate a Power Edger, Power Broom or Power Rake.

Blec USA

The Combinator from Blec USA can be used in multiple applications, including frase mowing, which helps to control unwanted grasses and weeds in sports turf. The entire upper layer of turf down to the soil can be accurately removed from 0 to 5 cm, leaving a clean, level surface for reseeding or turfing. With the conveyor system, discharge material can be loaded into a truck or trailer. The machine can also be used for verticutting, with reversible blades and four spacings from 2.5 to 10 cm. Advantages include cost savings from the combined dual-rotor design, quick and efficient turf replacement, weed control without chemicals and mowing and leveling in one pass.

Cadman Power Ltd.

Cadman Mini-Travellers feature the latest in technology and design, proven through long-term testing. Compact, easy to maneuver, set up and operate, the units are ideal for sports fields, golf courses, estate lots and many other venues. All Mini-Travellers are backed by comprehensive warranties.

Diversified Sports Specialties

The Line-Up Hash Mark Painting System was designed and developed by an athletic field consultant who has been involved with over 100 facilities. The 48-pound Line-Up is made of aluminum for a high strength-to-weight ratio. The individual hash mark and in-bound line pans are designed to contain overspray. Offsets and centering are built into the pan configuration, making the unit self-aligning. Line-Up’s handles fold down, and it folds in half for compact, easy storage. An entire field can be marked in 90 minutes. The unit can be rinsed with water every 50 yards to keep dripping and cleanup to a minimum.

Beacon Athletics

Beacon Athletics’ Streamliner is a dryline marker with variable flow control that provides a high-quality line with less chalk. It features a heavy-duty steel frame, pneumatic tires, molded plastic hopper, flexible brush agitator, accurate string-line guides and a one-button retractable handle for easy storage. It is available in two, three and four-wheel models with optional Double-Play aerosol paint attachment.


Wiedenmann North America has introduced the new 48-inch Terra Clean with a Honda GX240 gas engine for sweeping artificial turf surfaces. The unit efficiently collects debris on the surface and in the top layer of infill. The infill is separated from the debris with a vibrating sifter and redistributed back onto the field. Wiedenmann also offers a PTO-driven Terra Clean with a working width of 48 inches. Also new this year is an improved Terra Brush with optional rake fingers in front of the brushes, which allows for decompacting and loosening granules on artificial surfaces.

Whitlam Paint Co.

The Port A Scrub 12 synthetic turf paint remover from Whitlam Paint Co. is operator-friendly and saves money, time and labor. The portable scrubber works both indoors and out to remove Whitlam’s Temp-Stripe athletic field paint from synthetic surfaces. It is a quick, efficient, multipurpose machine with two 12-inch, counter-rotating, cylindrical brushes that clean both sides of the grass fibers. It works well for cleaning dirty white lines and letters and glides in forward and reverse with little effort.


Kochek debuted its new, back-saving line of Red Ultra-Light Irrigation Hose. It weighs less than 15 pounds per 100-foot length. The hose is designed to handle pressures well in excess of those typically found in today’s stadiums, and its tough exterior ensures years of reliable service. Kochek offers a complete line of irrigation products, including a large selection of hand-watering nozzles.

Eco Chemical

Eco Chemical works closely with sports field managers to develop products that are waterborne, toxin-free and have low or no volatile organic compounds. The company offers synthetic field marking technology and customized field care equipment. With its latest product, Eco Temp-Line Grass, the company has reinvented natural grass field marking paint by pulling out water, adding recycled content and stripping away wasteful components and packaging, while providing bright white lines and durability.


Kifco’s E200SST Turfect Water-Reel is designed to cool, condition and rinse synthetic turf fields. It costs thousands of dollars less than inground irrigation systems and can thoroughly water a field in less than 40 minutes before, during and after events. The E200SST cools the playing surface on extremely hot days, rinses off bodily fluids that could cause infection and conditions synthetic turf fields so they retain their shape, firmness and viability. Kifco offers portable, reliable, simple, automatic and affordable Water-Reels for any sports field irrigation need.

Seago International

Seago International offers the Hayter Harrier 56, a 22-inch-wide rotary mower with a rear roller for striping. The rear roller is split with an internal differential so the Harrier spins quickly for tighter turns. Other features include single-lever height-of-cut adjustment, a friction disc that allows slipping if the blade is impacted and variable-speed self-propulsion. Cutting heights range from .5 to 2.5 inches, and the unit has a rear collection basket or can be operated as a rear-discharge mower.

Progressive Turf

Progressive Turf Equipment has introduced the Roboflail One slope mower, designed to tackle difficult locations without risk to equipment, terrain or operator, regardless of weather conditions. It has an ultra-low center of gravity for stability and maneuverability, while allowing the mower to cut on slopes as steep as 50 degrees. The remote control unit can be operated from up to 300 feet away, removing vibration and noise hazards. The 25 hp engine allows working speeds up to 6 mph, and tracks allow the unit to travel into terrain inaccessible to wheeled mowers.

Southern Athletic Fields

Southern Athletic Fields is a nationwide company that provides quality products and service. MuleMix field conditioners and drying agents have been used by professionals throughout the industry for over a decade. The products provide an all-weather playing surface, allowing for games to be played in dry or wet weather. MuleMix is heavy enough to stay in place in wet conditions. It can be used on infield skinned areas and wet areas on turf. It is available in 50-pound bags, 1,000 or 2,000-pound super sacks or in bulk.