The industry’s newest offerings

This Fleet US Kombi is equipped with the BeamRider SX system, which uses laser technology to eliminate the need for string lines.

Field marking has become a huge component of the overall sports field management program with tasks ranging from laying out basic lines to multisport conversions to the creation of complex logos. Suppliers are well aware of the need to accomplish these tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible within ever-tightening budget parameters and are making improvements to existing products and introducing new ones to fit these needs.

Field marking paint

There are numerous options in field marking paints, from aerosols, to concentrates, to premixed, ready-to-use products in both temporary and long-lasting formulations. Suppliers recommend sports field managers analyze their field marking needs to match their selections to their program.

World Class Athletic Surfaces representative Jay Warnick says that the company offers its Premium line in white and in colors, either standard or customized through a computerized color-match system. The Premium concentrate can be diluted with water from a 1-1 to a 5-1 ratio. World Class also offers a Coach’s Choice option in white and colors, and the economical Sport Field option in white, along with the temporary Artificial Turf Paint in white or colors.

World Class offers the Hover Washer, recommending it be used with their EZ-Strip Paint Remover and their Artificial Turf Paint. Warnick says the machine hovers above the field surface, rather than using scrubbing bristles.

Fleet US carries a Synthetic Turf coating and three lines of field paint. The economy Linestripe concentrate can be mixed up to a 3-1 ratio. The midrange Fastline is recommended for a 3-1 to 6-1 ratio. Both are available in 3-gallon and 55-gallon concentrates. The Superior Line comes only as a 3-gallon concentrate and can be mixed at a 16-1 ratio.

Jon Graves, president of Missouri Turf Paint, says the company also offers a wide range of options, including their newly introduced “budget fit” line. Another new item is EZ Scrub, a temporary paint that can be used on natural or synthetic turf. Graves says, “We offer four colors in the aerosol form and any color in the 5-gallon size. It’s easy to remove from any surface using a mix of mild detergent and water.”

Whitlam Paint Company offers temporary paint for use on natural or synthetic turf under its Temp-Stripe label and longer-lasting paint for both surfaces under the Pro-Stripe label. Sales Manager Dale Forester says, “Our Port-A-Scrub removes paint from indoor or outdoor synthetic surfaces. It’s as easy to maneuver as a vacuum cleaner, and its two counter-rotating brushes clean both sides of the blade.”

In 2009, Pioneer Athletics introduced Brite Stripe Ultra Friendly, a VOC-free field marking paint with proprietary formulations of thickeners, pigments and agents that earned the U.S. EPA “Design for the Environment” recognition for safer chemistry.

Pioneer Athletics’ newest addition is StarLine Ultra-Friendly paint, with the same VOC-free advantages, but packaged in 2.5-gallon box for use on the StarLiner marking system.


Pioneer Athletics’ Brite Striper 3000SP.

Field painting equipment

Aerosols remain a popular choice for total field painting, marking out a stencil design and quick touch-up work. Many suppliers offer equipment to make it easier to put down lines with aerosols. Krylon Industrial, a division of the Krylon Products Group, recently expanded its line to include a new dual can aerosol model of the Line-Up Striping Machine. Product Manager Sharon L. Sammon says, “The dual model retains the same features of the single can model, with stripe widths from 2 to 4 inches and 10-inch wheels to provide a smooth ride over grass, dirt, gravel or uneven surfaces. The collapsible handle makes it easy to transport and store.”

The assortment of Titan Tool, Inc./Speeflo PowrLiner machines range from self-propelled units, with the optional PowrHandler wheeled operator seat, to walk-behinds. For those seeking economical operation to fit a tight budget, Tom Heine, specialty business sales manager, suggests the Titan Speeflo PowrLiner 800. He says, “It uses state-of-the-art gear-driven piston technology for consistent line striping performance and works equally well on grass, synthetic turf or paved surfaces. The solid-core tires are a new feature on the 800. The adjustable front tire can be locked at any angle.”

A recent introduction from Pioneer Athletics is the Brite Striper 3000SP, a model providing self-propelled power and versatility in an affordable airless sprayer. It’s sturdy, but lightweight for better maneuverability, and comes equipped with a 50-foot hose for extra reach. Tobin says, “With the belt-and-chain drive system and adjustable speed, this new machine delivers those great straight lines sports field managers are after. It handles the traditional 5-gallon pail or can be fitted with an optional 12-gallon paint hopper. Added features that appeal to the operator are the adjustable handle and handy tool container.”

Kromer’s Field Commander with two different painting heads, a standard center-mounted one and a soccer arm painting head on the outside.

Fleet US offers the Fastliner marking system that temporarily converts any brand utility vehicle into a ride-on painter. A 40-gallon tank is mounted on the back of the machine. Mounted on the side is a retractable arm with a spray system.

According to company representative Joanie Urbanski, their Kombi walk-behind unit is constructed on a stainless steel chassis with a molded plastic body that includes the paint tank, water tank and pump compartment. It’s equipped with a high-performance battery, a diaphragm pump, paint and water valve controls, two nozzles and line width selection from 1.5 to 4 inches.

Their Rok is offered in gas or battery-powered models. The center-mounted wheeled Knib can be switched to the side of the unit to fit operator preferences. It offers 1.5 to 6-inch line width options with full nozzle height adjustments. With the Kombi unit mounted on it, the Rok becomes a ride-on field painting machine. The Kombi can be removed to operate independently.

Ride-on models include Smithco’s Super Liner and Newstripe’s NewRider 1000 and NewRider 3000

A new introduction from Kromer Co. LLC is the Field Commander. Company President Ronn Ponath says, “We’ve incorporated the latest technology in computer-aided design and manufacturing to build on the strength and durability of our prior products to fulfill the one machine, one operator concept. This versatile, fully hydraulic machine can be used with an assortment of 32 attachments to groom, paint and remove lines, spray, apply logos, and condition both natural and synthetic fields. It also can transform to a utility vehicle. Throughout the process, we’ve focused on operator comfort, ease of use and ease of maintenance.”

Ponath notes that while each machine is custom designed with specified attachments, additional attachments can be incorporated at any time.

The author is a contributing editor for SportsField Management.