Remote Control Mowing

Progressive Turf Equipment has introduced the Roboflail One slope mower, designed to tackle difficult and demanding locations without risk to equipment, terrain or operator, regardless of weather conditions. It has an ultra-low center of gravity for stability and maneuverability, while allowing the mower to cut on slopes as steep as 50 degrees. The remote control unit can be operated from up to 300 feet away, removing vibration and noise hazards. The 25 hp engine allows working speeds up to 6 mph, and tracks allow the unit to travel into terrain inaccessible to wheeled mowers.

Shielded Spraying

ProLawn’s model EZTFM133 three-section shielded sprayer has a new shield design that provides longer-lasting durability and protection with a new curtain replacement rail system. The 30-gallon tank sprays up to 5.5 acres. Other new features include a larger lid opening system, 10-inch spill well, Dura Grip tank-securing system, long-lasting breakaway components and rope rollers. Optional wand kits are available.

Carbide-Tipped Rakes

The Sharp Tool Co. has developed carbide-tipped replacement rakes for John Deere and Smithco machines. The rakes have an overall length of 11 3/8 inches, with six fingers that are 4 7/8 inches tall. The rake is constructed of .25-inch-thick steel. Each finger has carbide designed to withstand abuse.

Pro Grooming

The PR72 Pro Groomer from keeps infields level and in top playing shape. It also works on base paths and around home plate. It levels by cutting off high areas and releasing material into low areas. A chisel attachment breaks up hard soil in the infield. The electric lift option allows for adjustments on the go.

Be VOC-Free

Brite Stripe Ultra-Friendly field marking paint, new from Pioneer Athletics, has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency with the Design for the Environment designation. The paint is completely free of volatile organic compounds and includes more readily biodegradable components. Ingredient research contributed to formulation breakthroughs that help relieve environmental stress and improve field surface health.

Zero-Turn Sprayer

The ProEdge PE-B-AL from ProEdge Sprayers is a zero-turn push sprayer with a lightweight aluminum frame and large rear wheels for flotation. The front-mounted, 80-inch foldable boom provides nozzle visibility. Each boom section can be cut off with a separate valve. Low-drift air induction tips offer maximum drift control in windy conditions. The 8-gallon poly tank with bottom suction and filter sprays .5 acre. The bypass return line with valve and pressure gauge allows accurate pressure settings. The 12-volt Shurflo diaphragm pump is powered by a deep-cycle gel battery that can be recharged overnight and will spray for 8 hours on a single charge. A spray wand and sprayer curtain are optional.


The Cyclone PTO blower, new from Buffalo Turbine, incorporates a direct-drive gearbox for a light and powerful unit. The operator can remotely rotate the nozzle 360 degrees in either direction. The blower requires 20 hp and features a plastic-shielded, telescopic PTO shaft; PTO shaft safety/retaining chain; hitch pins and top link pin; and turf-saving rear roller. Options include rectangular nozzles (10 or 19 inches), waterproof protective cover, nozzle extensions and 10-inch round nozzle.

I Spy

Underhill International’s new TurfSpy turf stress detection glasses reveal potential problems two to 10 days before they are visible to the naked eye. The lens blocks out the green spectrum reflected from chlorophyll in healthy vegetation. Stress conditions, such as disease, drought, pests or poor nutrition, are revealed with glowing colors—red, coral and pink. The ANSI-approved safety glasses have a wraparound lens for more effective viewing and an adjustable earpiece. Constructed from shatterproof polycarbonate, the glasses come with a soft case and microfiber cleaning cloth.


Brock International has introduced Brock PowerBase, an athletic field base system with a multidirectional channel system molded into each panel for fast drainage. Impact-absorbing pistons on the surface of each panel create a safer playing environment. Made of high-quality, food-grade polypropylene, PowerBase is 100 percent recyclable and works with any brand or style of synthetic turf. Brock ADR (Advanced Dynamic Response) technology provides a playing surface that feels natural.