Orlando, Fla.
January 12-16, 2010

The 21st Annual STMA Conference & Exhibition will feature dozens of educational sessions/workshops, hours of networking opportunities, receptions, awards banquets, raffles and, of course, exhibitors displaying all of the must-have equipment for 2010. Here’s a sneak preview of what you can look forward to … see you in Orlando!


The Bench Zone sideline turf protector, made of Vipol Matrix Material, is cleat-proof, allows fluids to drain through and comes in 15 standard colors.


Exhibiting coring units including the Sportstine, which has 6-inch long tines available on 7.5 or 5-inch centers for deep compaction relief.


Introducing Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass (RPR), a highly wear-tolerant, cool-season variety with the unique ability to anchor itself to the ground.

Beacon Athletics

Three models of Streamliner Dry Line Marker feature a powder-coated steel frame, retractable handle and variable flow control for 2 and 4-inch lines.

Bio S.I. Technology

Provides diverse microbial inoculants for better nutrient uptake, deeper root systems and reduced thatch buildup. Introducing Turf Formula with mycorrhizae.

Buffalo Turbine

For over 64 years, Buffalo Turbine has used turbine-powered air for spraying and debris blowing. Over seven models available.

Country Stone

Redfield infield and warning track materials are made of crushed red lava, which holds desired moisture in its pores while allowing excess moisture to drain.


Covermaster will exhibit its full line of protective athletic field covers, including Terraplas and Portafloor covers, designed to protect both natural and artificial turf.


Manufactures FieldSaver covers and tarps for baseball infields and full football/soccer fields. Made of rip-resistant woven polyethylene and PVC fabrics.

Diamond Pro

Offering professional groundskeeping products, including infield conditioners, drying agents, mound clays and marking dust.

Eagle Golf & Landscape

Distributes Advanced Drainage Systems, Nyloplast, N.D.S., JM Spunbond, Mirafi, North American Green SP, Profile and many other products.

Earth & Turf

The Turfsaw is a rolling aerator that attaches to tractor loader buckets and has solid blades that adjust easily to increase penetration from 2.5 to 3.75 inches.

Game Time Sports

Offers Louisville Slugger-branded specialized products, including infield conditioners, infield mixes, specialty clays and field marking powder.


The G-SWEEP walk-behind sweeper allows for easy cleanup of greens, tees and other fine turf. It is self-dumping and lightweight for maneuverability.

Graff’s Turf Farms

Graff’s will be highlighting turfgrass and services that fit the needs of sports turf professionals. Offers short-cut sports turf and complete field renovation services.

GreenOne Industries

The QwikDRAIN system is a virtually invisible, narrow-slot surface drainage system designed to enhance performance of natural grass within native soils.

Grigg Brothers

Develops, produces and markets organic and amino acid-based fertilizers and liquid nutrients characterized by natural organic complexing and chelating agents.


Humus-based Gro-Power Micro-Balance 0-0-10 improves soil microbiology and supplies secondary nutrients and six micronutrients.


Products include Dillennium aerification tines, Duranium-801 bedknives, closed spoon tines, conventional coring tines, conventional solid tines, quad tines and more.

Natural Sand

Featuring FieldSaver custom infield amendment, Natural Sand will explain the science behind its line of engineered soils that correct imbalances.


Featuring the Dirt Medic infield groomer, PowrLiner airless paint striping machine, NewRider ride-on striper, Eco-Liner, Newstripe paint concentrate and more.

Par Aide

Par Aide Professional FieldCare offers a variety of professional-grade products, such as hand tools, FieldCare Drag Mat, Athletic Marking Paint and more.

Pennington Seed

Offers products to assist with moisture management and improved turfgrasses that withstand drought, heavy wear, compaction and other stress factors.

Pioneer Mfg.

Star Line Ultra Friendly for the Star Striper is an EPA-recognized field paint that is completely free of VOCs and includes readily biodegradable components.

Port Industries

The Supertrencher+ has a two-speed digging wheel aligned with the center of the tractor. The hydraulic depth control is adjusted manually or by laser.

Seago International

The Hayter Harrier 56 is a rotary mower with a 56-centimeter cutting width and rear roller for a striped finish. Cutter blade can be raised for rougher areas.


The SANDFILLER offers verticutting, collecting and filling with sand in one pass. It holds over 500 pounds of sand and works at depths up to 2 inches.


The SW48-A artificial turf sweeper deposits debris in a hopper and filters fill back to the surface. The Groom It with rake attachment grooms and levels turf fill.

TurfTime Equipment

Manufactures four verticutter/dethatchers, five topdressers, five heavy-duty rollers and two infield groomers. Sells Soil Reliever and AeroKing aerators.


Displaying a wide range of natural and artificial turf products, including the Terra Brush, the Terra Slit and the Terra Clean artificial turf sweeper.

STMA Show Booth Numbers
AerWay 501
Aer-Flo 328
Barenbrug 706
Beacon Athletics 813
Bio S.I. Technology 1027
Buffalo Turbine 628
Country Stone 305
Covermaster 500
CoverSports 203
Diamond Pro 713
Eagle Golf & Landscape 1130
Earth & Turf 428
Game Time Sports 119/218
Graden 826
Graff’s Turf Farms 1035
GreenOne Industries 312
Grigg Brothers 426
Gro-Power 435
JRM 1009
Natural Sand 1123
Newstripe 634
Par Aide 318
Pennington Seed 409
Pioneer Mfg. 319
Port Industries 536
Seago International 434
SportsField Management Magazine 439
STEC 819
T.I.P. 400
TurfTime Equipment 1009
Wiedenmann 413