The new year is here, and now is a great time to start planning for the year ahead. Prepare yourself for a busy and successful season by making some new additions to your equipment arsenal. In this special section, you’ll find a variety of turf care products and equipment—from blowers to field marking powder—to help you get the job done. See something you like? Simply circle the reader service number on the enclosed card and send it in, or visit for more information.


EnviroSafe foam is 100 percent toxin free, fire-retardant, hypoallergenic, latex-free and made from 60 percent recycled material. It is designed to be used for gymnasium mats and wall padding and panels. It provides heavy-duty protection for any indoor facility and will not support mold or mildew. It is available in more than 14 colors.


The Dirt Medic infield groomer is designed for use with tractors, light-duty utility vehicles and ATVs. Built with the same heavy construction as the larger Dirt Doctor models, the Dirt Medic features a 4-foot wide grooming path and 10-inch pneumatic tires for easy transport to and from the field. The hand wheel adjusts both the angle and depth of the harrow teeth and reversible cutting bar from the driver’s seat to quickly fill in and level infields. The optional broom kit creates a smooth, finished surface.

Pioneer Athletics

Pioneer has released Star Line Ultra Friendly, its second athletic field paint to be recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with a “Design for the Environment” designation. Like the previously released Brite Stripe Ultra Friendly, Star Line is completely free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and includes more readily biodegradable components than ever before. The paint is designed to help relieve environmental stress and improve field surface health.


Gro-Power Premium Green Micro-Balance 0-0-10 was developed to supplement turf areas with all the micronutrients (plus potassium and iron) necessary for optimum turf growth. This clean, homogeneous fertilizer/micronutrient package is highly available, and the granules dissolve quickly. The particle size ensures even distribution, rapid penetration into the rootzone and minimum mower pickup. It provides humus, humic acids, beneficial soil bacteria, potassium sulfate for increased disease resistance and hardiness, and non-staining iron to help green up turfgrass.


The Bench Zone Sideline Turf Protector, made of VIPOL Matrix Material, is cleat-proof, but rain, sports drinks and other fluids drain through and are not absorbed. Lightweight and easy to install, you can clean it by hosing it off. Air and sunlight can penetrate, so it can be left down for longer periods without damaging grass. It is available in 15 standard colors, with optional custom multicolor imprinting. All edges are folded, internally reinforced and double-stitched, and grommets are installed every 18 inches.


The SW48-A Sweep-N-Clean for artificial turf is maneuverable, with a compact frame and light footprint. It can pick up items from litter to mouth guards. With its vibrating screen, it returns infill back to the turf, and the debris goes into the hopper. Like the original Sweep-N-Clean, the SW48-A incorporates a remote-controlled electric clutch, so the operator doesn’t need to leave the vehicle as often. The hopper holds about 1.75 cubic feet of material and empties cleanly. The unit also features a 5.5 hp Honda engine, manual brush height adjustment and quick-set transport mode to raise the brush off the ground.

Game Time Sports Systems

Louisville Slugger Game Time White Stripe field marking powder is easy to apply and features a bright white appearance. It is nontoxic and harmless to skin, clothes and turf. It complies with NCAA rules for athletic marking powders and can be used on baseball, softball, football, soccer and other athletic fields.

Louisville Slugger Game Time Red Warning Track offers excellent appearance and playability. It drains well and stays in place for years of use. It is made of crushed red granite screened to 3/8 inch.

Grass Stitcher

The Grass Stitcher tool quickly repairs bare spots in turf with three steps. The operator rolls the implement over the trouble spot, spreads grass seed and sprinkles the area with water. The angled, spiked wheels create the perfect environment for seed germination, making ample-sized holes surrounded by loosened soil. Remaining dead grass provides the mulch necessary to retain moisture and protect the germinating seeds from the sun. The leveraged handle ensures correct planting depth.

Kay Park Recreation

Speedy Bleachers are a highway-towable seating solution. One person can easily set up the bleacher system in less than 10 minutes. The hydraulic folding mechanism is powered by a 12-volt system. The bleachers feature vertical guardrails for safety, aluminum construction, 24-inch row spacing and electric brakes on all four wheels. Stop, turn and clearance lights are standard on all models, and the system is available with either a ball or pintle hitch.

Southern Athletic Fields

The DC Pitching Platform is an ultra-light batting practice platform designed by professional coaches. Its design allows for equal pressure on the turf, eliminating the pressure caused by heavier platforms made from metal or wood. The platform measures 4 feet by 8 feet, with handles on both sides. It weighs 60 pounds, so wheels are not needed. The platform can be moved easily by one person and is ideal for use by high school, collegiate or professional teams.

Sod Solutions

Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass, developed by Barenbrug USA and released for sod production by Sod Solutions, excelled in wear and traffic performance in university and private trials. It provides high turf quality and a unique regenerating feature. It is also highly endophyte-enhanced, which has been shown to improve turf quality and increase resistance to disease and pests. It has the ability to anchor itself to the ground to form an excellent cool-season sports turf.

Buffalo Turbine

Buffalo Turbine announced full production plans for the newest addition to its debris blower line, the twin-turbine Cyclone2 (Squared). It has a 40 hp Kohler engine and wireless nozzle and throttle control, providing the ability to blow debris far with increased air volume. The increase in air volume allows operators to blow debris up hills, out of ditches and in other troublesome areas.


For hand watering, Kochek offers the NZ015 High Volume Jump Nozzle. It provides a 60 GPM optimum flow rate for heavy watering of turf or infields. It is also equipped with the Jump feature to provide a stream and fog at 20 GPM. Designed for use with 1-inch or larger hose, it is made of T-6 aluminum and powder-coated for durability.


The Bannerman Infield Chalker applies powdered line marking materials on grass and non-turf surfaces. The hopper has an adjustable dispensing aperture positioned close to the ground to minimize drift and is equipped with a steel lid to protect the contents from wind and rain. The marking width is adjustable from 1 to 4 inches. For extra stability and ease of handling, the unit has four wheels and pneumatic tires. The front wheels are extra-large to ensure a uniform drive for the dispensing mechanism when fully loaded. Raising the wheels cuts off the dispensing action.


The G-Sweep walk-behind sweeper allows for easy cleanup of fine turf. It has self-dumping capability and is lightweight for maneuverability.

TurfTime Equipment

TurfTime has introduced a complete line of Heavy Duty Rollers for sports fields. The 24-inch diameter roller is constructed with a heavy 3/8-inch wall thickness, eliminating dents caused by rocks and sharp objects. The standard units come in 4, 5, 6 and 7.5-foot widths, and custom widths are available. Pipe openings on each end allow the rollers to be filled with water when maximum compaction is needed. Optional wheel carrier kits are also available.