The new Titan Speeflo PowrLiner 1800M from Titan Tool is a compact, user-friendly line striper for fields, other turf areas and pavement. It’s easy to use, transport and store.

Field paint and painting equipment are the tools that enable sports field managers to set the stage for play, from the basic markings required for sports action to the complex logos that turn an athletic field into a work of art. Here’s a look at some of the latest advancements to make marking, lining and painting processes easier, faster and more effective.


The new Titan Speeflo PowrLiner 1800M is a step-up line striper for sports field managers who need a medium-duty, compact, user-friendly line striper for smaller jobs on fields, other turf areas or pavement. According to Titan Tool E-Marketing/PR Manager Steve Machacek, the simple, compact design is easy to use, transport and store. It’s powered by a Robin-Subaru 4.3 hp OHC engine. The 1800M is equipped with an LX-40 spray gun and SC-6 reversible striping tip with a .25-inch ID, 50-foot-long airless spray hose. The spray gun can be mounted on the right or left. It’s designed to carry a 5-gallon pail of paint. The adjustable front tire can be locked at any angle. For further information, visit

Among the features of the redesigned NewRider 3000 Field Marker by Newstripe, Inc. is a lower profile 50-gallon tank with a larger opening for easier filling.

Sales Manager Ray Krebs reports on the redesigned NewRider 3000 Field Marker by Newstripe, Inc. Krebs says, “The 50-gallon tank has been redesigned with a lower profile and a larger opening for easier filling, while continuing to provide continuous paint agitation and retaining the round bottom for complete draining. The unit now has a high-back seat with lumbar support for greater operator comfort. We’ve added quick-change nozzles that require no wrenches for easier and faster change out to adjust line widths or for cleaning.”

Krebs notes that the unit retains all its other features, including the 13 hp Honda OHV electric-start engine, foot-operated speed control, large capacity in-line filters, garden hose hook-up for easy cleanup, pistol-grip handgun with 12-foot hose and 24-inch wand extension, attached toolbox and rear hitch for attachments. For more details, visit

Kromer Co.’s Field Commander All Star is a multiuse field maintenance machine with quick-change “no-tools” attachments for grooming, chalking and painting. It’s shown here equipped with the optional sun canopy.

Following the introduction of the multiuse Field Commander last year, Kromer Co. LLC has incorporated elements of that design into other equipment to help sports field managers groom, paint and maintain fields. Chuck Simmons reports that the new Field Commander All Star is an athletic field maintenance machine that offers quick-change “no-tools” attachments for grooming, chalking and painting. An optional sun canopy can be fitted with an optional halogen light package for night or early morning use. According to Simmons, the All Star provides the flexibility and versatility that translates to less time maintaining athletic fields while delivering great aesthetics and playability. This time savings not only reduces labor costs, it gives the sports field manager more time to concentrate on other projects. For more information, visit

All of the EZ Fold stencils from Missouri Turf Paint & Field Graphics are manufactured from a durable, long-lasting, lightweight, waterproof corrugated plastic material. Using the EZ Fold Number Set, one person can easily paint the numbers in two colors in minutes.
The 50-yard line numbers show the results of one-person use of the EZ Fold Number Set from Missouri Turf Paint and Field Graphics.

Marking aids

Missouri Turf Paint & Field Graphics has introduced a new line of field marking aids. Larry Davis says, “These innovative stencil products are manufactured from a durable, long-lasting, lightweight, waterproof corrugated plastic material. A substantial investment in new equipment allows us to provide these one-piece, foldable, spray-through stencils at an affordable price, including the EZ Fold Custom Stencils.”

The EZ Fold Number Set for football fields includes the numbers 0-1-2-3-4-5 and a direction arrow. The numbers have cut-out handles folds for storage. Davis says, “What makes this set unique are the accordion fold and the way the stencils are cut, allowing one person to paint the numbers with two colors in minutes. The storage size, folded and boxed, measures 6 inches by 22 inches by 48 inches and weighs only 25 pounds. To learn more, visit”

The EZ Fold Hashmark stencil for football fields unfolds to a length of 15 feet, allowing the user to paint four hash marks per lay. “V” notches are provided for alignment to a string line, and the cut out handle makes it easy to drag to the next position. Davis says, “The stencil is cut to make painting hash marks a one-person task. For storage, it folds to 29 inches by 32 inches by 1 inch thick. The total weight is just 6 pounds.”

Paints and paint removers

Eco Chemical announced an addition to its TempLine removable turf paint system, a new natural grass dehydrated paint with 10 gallons of paint packaged in a box. For more information, visit

Missouri Turf Paint & Graphics has added EZ Kleen Artificial Turf Paint Remover to its product line. An industrial and professional chemical-type cleanser, this product is nonflammable, nonirritating to normal skin, and contains no acids or abrasives. It can be used in all types of sprayers and is low sudsing. Davis says, “It’s highly concentrated, so one part cleaner to 10 parts water does a great job. The after-dilution cost is just a few dollars per gallon. We recommend application on artificial turf with our Horizontal Surface Scrubber, as this machine won’t displace the crumb rubber. EZ Kleen also can be used with a chemical injector on a pressure washer for cleaning bleachers, walkways, metal furniture, concrete and shop floors.”

Pioneer Athletics has expanded its line of paints for synthetic turf athletic fields. The new GameLine Aerosol removable field marking paint for synthetic turf fields affords users the ease and convenience of an aerosol with the proven removability of Pioneer’s GameLine bulk paint. Pioneer’s Chris Bell says, “The aerosols are available in five brilliant colors: white, orange, blue, yellow and red. Sports field managers will now be able to easily mark their synthetic turf fields in both normal and abnormal weather conditions.” For more information, visit


Becker Underwood recently introduced of a line of turf colorants under its Green Lawnger brand. Joe Lara, horticultural specialties product manager, says, “This new family of products is built upon the quality and reputation of Green Lawnger. Our research and product development efforts have focused on creating next generation solutions to address the new challenges of growing quality turfgrass under today’s economic and environmental pressures.”

According to Lara, these products incorporate the company’s ColorLock technology for long-lasting color in year-round applications on all turfgrasses. Green Lawnger Graphics is formulated to enhance the color of warm-season grasses, including hybrid bermudagrasses and new ultra dwarf varieties.

Green Lawnger Transition is a dark turf colorant formulation with advanced UV heat-absorption to retain radiant energy during low photoperiods for use by professional turf managers who want to elevate plant and soil surface temperatures. Lara notes specific uses include extending late-fall and early-winter transitional play in pre-dormant warm-season turfgrasses, incorporating it in turfgrass winterizing programs with fungicide treatments, creating a surface barrier to desiccation, and accelerating spring thaw of snow and ice-covered turfgrass.

Green Lawnger Vision Pro is an advanced visual spray application aid for turf managers who want to achieve uniform applications of plant protection products with the added feature of long-lasting natural green turf color due to its resistance to the effects of prolonged UV light exposure. Vision Pro is tank mixable with many professional-brand plant protectant products. It’s formulated to be pump-seal friendly for use in control product spray application equipment designed for use on professionally managed turfgrasses.

Green Lawnger Lineman Pro Green, specifically formulated with low “rub off” characteristics, minimizes discoloration of uniforms and equipment. It is approved for application on NFL natural turf fields. For more information, visit

With researchers, suppliers and sports field managers all seeking ways to improve the lining, painting and colorant processes, fields are going to look even better in 2011 and beyond.