Beacon Athletics

The Streamliner features variable flow control, heavy-duty steel frame, molded plastic hopper, pneumatic tires, flexible brush agitator and string-line guides.


The paint marker’s line width adjusts from 1 to 4 inches without tools. Constructed of powder-coated, zinc-plated steel, it can hold up to 12 spray cans.

Diversified Sports Specialties

Made of aluminum, the Line-Up is foldable, self-aligning and comes in 5-yard units. The Alumanumber has offsets built in for easy alignment.

Eco Chemical

Eco Temp-Line Grass paint is an ultra-concentrated system consisting of a dry powder and a gel activator that mix with water for a 5-gallon pail of paint.

Fleet U.S.

The BeamRider RX for utility vehicles detaches easily, has a 40-gallon capacity and allows operators to quickly paint laser-straight lines.

Fox Valley Systems

The Athletic Super Striper with 10-inch wheels uses Athletic Super Stripe Paint, which is highly pigmented to make crisp, long-lasting stripes.

GameTime Athletics

Offers water-based aerosol paint in white and 10 other colors with a universal spray head design, as well as bulk field marking paint.

Jaydee Equip.

The Turfmarker Model 30 has a Quickflush system and 35-gallon tank with remote 5-gallon flush tank. Marking speed is 2.6 mph with nozzle lowered.

Krylon Products Group

Line-Up water-based athletic field
striping paints are designed for grass fields or short-term striping. Nonclogging, universal tip.


M.A.S.A. carries a large selection of heavy-duty White Line Markers, including the All Star pneumatic wheel version.


The CLK-4 corner lining kit is a starter kit to permanently mark/line any athletic field. Also offers Game Day markers and other marking aids and tools.


The All-Pro 3 has a bidirectional spray head, line width adjustable from 2 to 6 inches, 4.5 hp Robin engine and 4.9-cubic-inch, cast-iron compressor.

Par Aide

Par Aide’s Turf Marking Paint is water-based to reduce clogging. It is available in white, red and yellow and sold in 12-can cases.

Pioneer Athletics

The Brite Striper 3000 offers pressure adjustable from 0 to 3,000 PSI, 5.5 hp Honda engine, electrical clutch system pump engagement and pneumatic wheels.


The Line Painter 1200 features a four-position spray head, onboard water tank and wide-mouth, 12-gallon tank. Xtreme paint available in six colors.

Whitlam Paint Co.

Temporary field marking paint is designed for synthetic and natural turf. Applies like normal paint and removes without chemical solutions.

The October issue of SportsField Management will feature guides to Infield Groomers and Topdressers, Spreaders & Seeders.