The Infield Chalker marks lines 1 to 4 inches wide. It has pneumatic tires, on/off flow control and moving mechanical bottom that keeps chalk moving down and out.

Beacon Athletics

The Streamliner Dry Line Marker features a heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frame; retractable handle; variable-flow control (2 and 4-inch lines); and string line guide.

Campey Imants

The Raycam LM3010 liquid transfer Line Marker only marks the leaf/plant and not the soil, making removal easy. Features a 20-liter hopper and 10-centimeter-wide marking wheel.


Diversified Sports Specialties

The aluminum Line-Up is foldable and self-aligning. It comes in 5-yard units. Alumanumber has offsets built in for easy alignment.

Eco Chemical, Inc.

TempLine waterbase synthetic turf paints are available in three grades, depending on need for extended durability versus short-term utility and ease of removal.

Fleet US

The Line Racer is a compact, battery-powered striping system that uses Ultimate Line, a sealed, 1-gallon jug of paint that plugs cleanly into the machine.

GameTime Athletics

GameTime Athletics offers a wide range of athletic field paint including White Aerosol, a water- based, environmentally friendly paint with a universal tip and wide coverage.


Graco’s ProStencil is a battery- powered, high-pressure airless hand-held paint sprayer. Comes with two 20V lithium-ion power pack batteries, battery charger, and 24-inch spray extension.

Jones Sign Company

Offering painted grass logos. Digital layout technology eliminates stencils and provides the ability to create very large logos. Last-minute orders and on-site changes are no problem.


Industrial Line-Up athletic striping paints deliver bright, crisp lines in one pass with a wide range of colors and multiple application choices. Non-burning formula.

Markers, Inc.

With field stencils from Markers Inc., you can customize your field with team name, logo or league affiliation. Creates custom stencils from your artwork.

Newstripe, Inc.

The NewRider 1700 HPA is a ride-on, high pressure airless striping machine for marking athletic fields. Features a 25-gallon paint tank and adjustable spray pump.


PLeeFix Markers are easy-to-install, highly visible and mower-resistant and can be used for field lines, eliminating the need to remeasure. Made of UV-resistant material.

Titan Speeflo

The PowrLiner 550 and 850 are powered by a 37.7cc, four-stroke engine. The 850 features a removable gun for stenciling and Direct Link Pressure Control.

Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker

Tru Mark’s Field Line Anchor and Whisker Plug is zinc-plated steel with a 3-inch-diameter top and 6-inch marking whiskers with concrete plug.

Whitlam Paint

Temp-Stripe is a removable synthetic turf marking paint. Removal is accomplished with light to moderate water pressure or the Port-A-Scrub machine.

The October issue of SportsField Management will focus on Infield Groomers and Topdressers, Spreaders and Seeders.