Aquatrols products create stronger, more uniform playing turf. They enhance turf by ensuring that water and applied chemicals easily permeate throughout the rootzone.

Dakota Peat

REV PTF6000 is an all-natural, organic humic compound designed to improve plant health while increasing the longevity of fertilizer and fungicide performance.

Diamond Pro

Offering red infield conditioner, a vitrified conditioner for infields that reduces compaction, controls moisture and gives a professional-quality look.

DuraEdge Products, Inc.

Specializes in infield and warning track soils and mixes, including DuraEdge infield mixes and FieldSaver custom infield amendments.

Ecologel Solutions

Hydretain utilizes all available moisture to reduce watering frequency and enhance fertilizer and pesticide uptake. Conserve water, reduce irrigation costs and protect turf.


SquareOne herbicide offers control of crabgrass and other small broadleaf weeds. It can be applied just one day before seeding or as early as seven days after emergence.

Game Time Sports Systems

Louisville Slugger Game Time H20/ABZorb is an absorbent/calcined clay product with a fine particle size used to quickly dry puddles and muddy conditions.

Green Pro Solutions

Bio-AER Liquid Aeration penetrates the soil up to 12 inches deep and supports beneficial biology. Can be applied with existing spray equipment.

Grigg Brothers

The new Displace 12 percent Calcium soil specialty product facilitates uniform placement of calcium throughout the soil. Improves hydrophobic soil conditions.

Gro-Power, Inc.

Gro-Power Premium Green Products are fertilizers/soil conditioners designed for high-use sports fields. Contain humus, humic acids and beneficial soil bacteria.


Holganix is an organic bio- nutritional product that promotes plant health by increasing resistance to disease and insect damage through root and cell wall development.


Zylam 20SG is a soluble granule formulation of dinotefuran that provides rapid control of chinch bugs, cutworms, mole crickets, annual bluegrass weevils and more.

Peat, Inc.

The unique characteristics of reed sedge peat help with root establishment, as well as aiding in moisture and nutrient retention. Used by the Minnesota Twins.

Performance Nutrition

VIBRANT foliar fertilizers are formulated with premium sources of NPK and can be mixed and sprayed with fungicides, herbicides and insecticides.

Precision Laboratories

Soil surfactants are designed to address specific turf, soil and root conditions. They optimize the health and playability of turfgrass by managing water at every level.

Pro’s Choice

Infield Guards keep infield material/conditioners from blowing into the outfield. Each guard is 6 inches high and 8 feet long, and they clip together at the ends.

Southern Athletic Fields, Inc.

New from Southern Athletic Fields, Game Changer with KT3 technology delivers a three-stage surfactant blend to your infield mix, promoting fast infiltration of applied water or rainfall.

Stabilizer Solutions

Stabilizer is a natural soil binder used to stabilize infields. Stabilizer’s Water Binding Technology keeps your field’s ideal moisture content window open longer.

Turface Athletics

Profile Field and Fairway is specifically manufactured to make muddy, native-soil fields safe and playable. In rainy conditions, the product absorbs moisture.

The September issue of SportsField Management will focus on Field Marking Gear and Powered Hand-Held Tools.