Act Global Sports

Xtreme Turf sports and landscape systems are designed to enhance foot stability and shock absorbency while minimizing skin abrasion.


A-Turf synthetic grass is designed for shock absorption, consistent playability and durability. Certified installation crews.

Benyon Sports Surfaces

Benyon’s BSS 1000 track and field is IAAF certified and bonds chemically to an asphalt subbase.

Brock Int’l

Brock Performance Base is a synthetic underlayment for artificial fields that is designed to replace traditional stone bases.

Centaur Floor Systems

The XL Turf system is designed to slow down the onset of muscle fatigue and has a layering system and modular design to maintain performance.


Enkaturf Drain is a 12-inch wide strip drain used in conjunction with synthetic turf. The core is encased in a nonwoven, geotextile fabric.

Eco Chemical

The Scrub Bug is a hydraulic scrubber that cleans and removes paint and dirt from synthetic fields. Comes with boom sprayer and pump.

Fieldturf Tarkett

Fieldturf Tarkett artificial turf  has been installed on over 2,500 fields worldwide. Designed to be safe, durable and grass-like.

Grass Tex

Grass Tex manufactures artificial turf for all types of sports including football, soccer and baseball.


The Synthetic Field Main-tainer (SFM) is a self-propelled machine that removes field markings, paints, grooms, conditions and sprays liquid.

Mineral Visions

FlexSand Action infill material is an elastomer-coated sand used as a replacement for traditional crumb rubber and raw sand.

The Motz Group

24/7 artificial turf systems have a two-tiered, gravel foundation that is laser-leveled and a preformed, granulated rubber, underlying shock pad.


ProGrass Infinity has 100 percent polyethylene, monofilament-like fibers tufted into a woven, primary backing. Indoor or outdoor use.

Redexim Charterhouse

The Verti-Top uses a rotary brush to pick up surface debris and some infill. A filter collects debris and redistributes infill material.


Sprinturf’s Ultrablade features a soft turf fiber that will not cut athletes or cause abrasions. Backed by a triple-backing system.

Synthetic Surfaces, Inc.

NORDOT Adhesives, from Synthetic Surfaces, Inc., are for installing artificial turf athletic fields.

Synthetic Turf Int’l

Sports Turf XP yarn is designed and manufactured for extended play and to assist with synthetic field projects.

Target Technologies

Target Technologies offers infill materials such as crumb rubber and silica sand for the synthetic turf industry.

TigerTurf Americas

Offering customized synthetic turf systems to deliver specific sport and use characteristics. Meet FIFA, FIH, IRB and ITF guidelines.


ArenaTurf has Velcro seams that can be attached at 12-foot intervals, allowing centers and arenas to change flooring from season to season.

Turf Sewing Machines

Turf sewing machines are equipped with rear top and bottom clutch pullers and a carpet machine head. Equipped with ergonomic turf cart.


TERRA CLEAN removes litter on artificial turf by utilizing a sweeper brush that throws litter into a screen and separates debris from infill.