ACT Global Sports

Xtreme Turf was designed for shock absorption, playability, performance, durability, soft fibers and UV stability.

ATG Sports Industries

Turf systems, including RamTurf, are designed to be durable, use a drainage system that covers the entire field and have lines tufted in at the factory.


A-Turf partners with school districts, colleges, universities and parks to build synthetic turf surfaces designed for consistent playability and durability.

Brock Int’l

Brock Performance Base is a synthetic underlayment for artificial fields that is designed to replace traditional stone bases.

Centaur Floor Systems

PureGrass with nylon fiber technology offers long-term, uniform performance and durability, as well as traction, foot movement and ball bounce.

CS Trading

The SISIS OSCA/3 oscillating brush keeps infill mobile to prevent compaction and maintains a constant depth for consistent playing characteristics.


TurfAide antimicrobial treatment inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi for up to four years. It is water-based and hypoallergenic.


VarioSlide Supreme uses the Duo Yarn System, with a stiff propeller yarn that is kept straight by a soft, fibrillated yarn.

Dow Chemical

Dow flooring for artificial turf offers a variety of technologies for turf backing systems, shock absorption and infill.

FieldTurf Tarkett

FieldTurf’s artificial turf technology incorporates a proprietary infill mix and durable, grass-like Duraspine fibers to replicate natural grass fields.


SportsGrass looks and feels natural, drains well and is available with antimicrobial technology. Designed to keep infill from flying out.

Geo Safe Play

Infill Pro Geo uses a combination of coconut fibers and natural cork for high performance, moisture retention and temperatures comparable to natural soil.


The SFM (Synthetic Field Maintainer) is a self-propelled riding unit that removes field markings, grooms, paints, conditions and sprays liquids.

Mineral Visions

FlexSand Action is an elastomer-coated quartz sand infill that contains no heavy metals or chemicals, reduces field temperatures and minimizes infill kick-out.


Mondoturf FTS3 is composed of a choice of three fibers, three-layer backing support, Ecofill Star Infill and Fine Tuned System underlayment.


ProGrass Infinity has 100 percent polyethylene, monofilament-like fibers tufted into a woven, primary backing. Indoor or outdoor use.

Redexim Charterhouse

The Verti-Top WB uses a rotary brush to pick up surface debris and some infill. A rapidly shaking filter collects the debris and redistributes the infill.


TerraSoft Turf with Thiolon fiber technology captures the look and performance of natural grass. The drainage system can handle up to 20 inches of rain an hour.


Ultrablade MM is a dual-fiber synthetic turf system that uses multiple fibers to produce a plush, soft, durable athletic surface.

Synthetic Surfaces

NORDOT Adhesives for synthetic turf can be used to coat seaming tape for a bonded seam when both sides of the turf are unfolded onto it.

Synthetic Turf Int’l

Sports Turf XP yarn is designed and manufactured for extended play and to assist with synthetic field projects.

Target Technologies

Offers infill products including crumb rubber, silica sand and Envirofill for synthetic turf sports field and running track applications.


Trophy Turf features yarns engineered with the Springback profile for greater vertical memory and the Capsulate profile, which anchors tufts better.

Turf Sewing Machines

Turf sewing machines are equipped with rear top and bottom clutch pullers and a carpet machine head. Equipped with ergonomic turf cart.

Turf Teq

The 47-inch wide Power Broom can be used to blossom, topdress and clean synthetic turf. Features a 13 hp Honda engine and hydrostatic transmission.


TERRA CLEAN removes litter on artificial turf by utilizing a sweeper brush that throws litter into a screen and separates debris from infill.