Act now and get turf that is game-day ready all year round.

Photo courtesy of Civitas.

Photo courtesy of Civitas.

For some sports the season has come to a close, and for others it’s just ramping up. In order to ensure your turf is tough enough to stand up to the elements, the planning starts now. Civitas Turf Defense’s Senior Technical Advisor Matt Weaver shares insight into the importance of fall maintenance procedures and explains some of the benefits of Civitas Turf Defense.

Why are fall maintenance procedures so important to the health of turf?

Fall turf programs are critical to improved turf all year long. In the fall, fields are either in use, recovering from a summer of camps and clinics, or being prepped for the spring. And most likely, sports field managers will face all of these concerns. The bottom line is you have a short period of time to get your fields in the best condition possible before winter.

What’s the number-one thing sports field managers need to take into account when prepping their turf for fall/winter?

The primary goal should be to keep the turfgrass productively growing in the fall. Late season disease control is critical so you don’t lose any ground gained. And priming the natural defense response improves overall plant growth.

How does Civitas Turf Defense work?

Civitas Turf Defense is one of the few products available that triggers a response that primes the plant. This response enhances the natural threshold of a turfgrass system to help tolerate a variety of biotic and abiotic stresses. It improves turf color and quality, enhances IPM efficiencies and provides disease control. All of these contribute to being better prepared for the stresses that impact turf all year long.

How does Civitas Turf Defense contribute to a successful fall turf program?

With Civitas Turf Defense the best defense is a strong offense, which means it should be applied on a regular basis as part of a preventative IPM program. You can feel confident using it on a regular basis since it has no know pathogen resistance issues, has no yearly restrictions for number of applications and is approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

Civitas Turf Defense  improves turf growth especially during cooler temperatures. This leads to improved tolerance from wear on fields and better recovery from late-season cultural practices. One major benefit I consistently see is a delay in dormancy, effectively keeping the plant active later into the year, allowing more time to recuperate before winter sets in.

Late-fall applications also prepare turf for the spring and can help provide earlier spring green up, which is particularly important for turf varieties that are slow to green up, such as Kentucky bluegrass or warm-season grasses.

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