3Tier Technologies

Offering a combination of humic acid research and nutrient management to improve soil conditions.


Verde-Cal provides available calcium to raise pH. Verde-Cal G applies available calcium without raising pH levels and removes excess sodium and salts.

Bio S.I. Technology

Turf Formula with mycorrhizae provides drought tolerance, fast recovery from wilting, increased growth and establishment rates and greater chlorophyll content.

BioPro Technologies

CytoGro biostimulant contains a blend of hormones that increase root mass by stimulating new growth. Compatible with gibberellic acid-blocking growth regulators.

Converted Organics

Converted Organics Lawn & Turf fertilizer is derived from all-natural, organic ingredients. The 8-1-4 NPK formulation is safe for people, plants and the environment.

Dakota Peat

Dakota Peat is odorless and has high organic content. Formed principally from partially decomposed reeds, sedges, marsh grasses and other plants.

Ecologel Solutions

Hydretain is a liquid application that attracts subsurface water vapor and converts it into plant-usable water droplets to reduce watering and eliminate drought stress.

EP Minerals

PlayBall! infield conditioner can be used as a topdressing to absorb 130 percent of its weight in water, allowing control of the amount of moisture on the field.


Solitare herbicide provides postemergent control of crabgrass, sedges and broadleaf weeds. It combines sulfentrazone and quinclorac.

Francis Resources

SuperSoil is a liquid aeration product that aggregates compacted soil particles to improve water, air and nutrient penetration. Helps fields recover from heavy rains.

Grigg Bros.

Tru-Foliar products include Ultraplex, P-K Plus, Nutra Green, Kelplex, Suprema and more. GreenSpec products include Seven Iron, ZeroPhos, Turf Rally and more.


Premium Green products include humus-based fertilizers and soil conditioners formulated for the needs of high-maintenance turfgrasses.

Growth Products

Offers technologically advanced liquid fertilizers, chelated micronutrients, natural liquid organics, proprietary Smart Nitrogen and other products.


Wetting agents are available as pellets, pellets plus iron, liquid, Super Spreadable, Super Pellets, Dura-Wet and Super Concentrate formulations.

Profile Products

Turface conditioners include MVP and Pro League for infield mixes and QuickDry to save games from the rain, as well as Field & Fairway for turf.


Manufactures Quali-Pro fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. Imidacloprid 0.5G insecticide is for systemic control of pests.

Southern Athletic Fields

MuleMix Field Conditioner is a calcined clay product used to absorb excess moisture to create a safe, playable surface.

Stabilizer Solutions

Stabilizer soil amendment enhances the equilibrium of soil and crushed stone surfaces in all climatic conditions.

The September issue of SportsField Management will include a product focus on Field Marking Gear.