OARS, the Organic Acid Removal Surfactant System, removes the buildup of hydrophobic organic substances from soil particles and provides 30 days of hydration.

Becker Underwood

A full line of biostimulant products helps turf recover quickly from stress and rejuvenates the root system. They are formulated with naturally occurring fungi.

Bio S.I. Technology

Provides diverse microbial inoculants with benefits including better nutrient uptake, denser root systems, better water utilization and reduced thatch buildup.

Dakota Peat

Dakota Peat is odorless and has high organic content. Formed principally from partially decomposed reeds, sedges, marsh grasses and other plants.

Diamond Pro

Red Infield Conditioner is a vitrified clay product for skinned areas that controls moisture, reduces compaction, improves drainage and helps prevent rainouts.

Ecologel Solutions

Hydretain is a liquid blend of hygroscopic and humectant compounds designed to manage moisture. It converts subsurface water vapor into plant-usable water droplets.

EP Minerals

PlayBall! infield conditioner can be used as a topdressing to absorb 130 percent of its weight in water, allowing control of the amount of moisture on the field.


Maxiplex is a concentrated 20 percent humic acid that decreases soil nutrient tie-ups, promotes nutrient availability and stimulates microbial activity.


Solitare herbicide provides postemergent control of crabgrass, sedges and broadleaf weeds. It combines sulfentrazone and quinclorac.

Grigg Bros.

Offers solutions designed to increase turf vigor and quality. Proven Foliar technology and GreenSpec granular fertilizers are formulated based on research and field trials.


Premium Green products include humus-based fertilizers and soil conditioners formulated for the needs of high-maintenance turfgrasses.

Growth Products

Manufacturing and marketing liquid NPK fertilizers, chelated micronutrients and 100 percent organic products for 30 years, featuring advanced technology.

Harsco Minerals

EXCELLERATOR is a specialty micronutrient fertilizer. The sustainable granules have been formulated to improve turf rigidity, strength and stress resistance.

ICT Organics

CedarCure is a cedarwood oil pesticide that triggers exoskeleton erosion, stifles detection of food and mates, and affects neurological and biological systems.


Containing spores and propagules of endomycorrhizae, endoROOTS speeds up grow-in and establishment, increases turf density and improves recovery from wear.

Natural Sand

FieldSaver infield amendment is designed to combine with existing infield skin material to correct soil imbalances. It conditions, adds clay content and binds.


Zylam 20SG is a soluble granule formulation of dinotefuran that provides rapid control of chinch bugs, cutworms, mole crickets, annual bluegrass weevils and more.

Peat, Inc.

The unique characteristics of reed sedge peat help with root establishment, as well as aiding in moisture and nutrient retention. Used by the Minnesota Twins.


Fipronil 0.0143G Broadcast provides long-lasting control of imported fire ants, fleas, ticks and more in sports field turf and ornamental planting beds.

Southern Athletic Fields

MuleMix field conditioner is designed and manufactured to precise specs for a uniform particle size. The calcined clay material absorbs moisture and reduces compaction.

Stabilizer Solutions

Stabilizer Gold Infield Mix reduces dust, mud and erosion, keeping infields stable in a variety of weather conditions and allowing for extended play.


Renown fungicide combines azoxystrobin and chlorothalonil, providing systemic and contact modes of action to control dollar spot, brown patch and more.

Turface Athletics

Pro League Heritage Red absorbs its weight in water to prevent puddles on the infield. The absorbed moisture will later release to prevent a hard, cracked field when it’s dry.

The September issue of SportsField Management will focus on Field Marking Gear.