3 Tier Technologies

Offering a combination of humic acid research and nutrient management to improve soil conditions.


Basamid G T&O granular soil fumigant encourages fast, vigorous turf establishment to inhibit growth of weeds or unwanted grass species.


Organic Acid Removal System combines organic solvents and a surfactant complex to remove organic acids that cause water repellency.


Offers products that minimize runoff and waste by moving water, and everything it carries, into the soil profile for safer, more uniform playing surfaces.

Dakota Peat

Dakota Peat soil amendment fulfills construction and topdressing needs for healthy growth and maintenance of turf.


Hydretain is a liquid group of hygroscopic and humectant components that attract moisture, making it available to plant roots.

EP Minerals

PlayBall! infield conditioner absorbs 130 percent of its weight in water and has an application rate of 10 percent by volume.

Francis Resources

SuperSoil is a natural, liquid aeration product that reduces compaction and increases water, air and nutrient infiltration.

GelTech Solutions

RootGel soil conditioner is a biodegradable, potassium-based wetting agent that increases the water-holding capacity of soils. Sprayable and granular forms.

Grigg Brothers

Tru-Foliar products are designed for foliar application and absorption. GreenSpec fertilizers and soil amendments do not contain waste products.


Humus-based Gro-Power Micro-Balance 0-0-10 improves soil microbiology and supplies secondary nutrients and six

Growth Products

AMMOS 22-0-0 is a clear liquid solution that contains slow-release nitrogen and 4 percent sulfur in a neutral to slightly basic pH.


Quantum Turf Technologies offers three natural minerals to amend soils: calcined clay (porous ceramic), diatomaceous earth and zeolite.


Naiad wetting agent is available as pellets, pellets plus iron, liquid, Super Spreadable, Super Pellets, Dura-Wet and Super Concentrate formulations.

Precision Laboratories

Transport Ultra is an ammonium sulfate replacement product with nonionic surfactant, water conditioning agents and ammonium ions.


Manufactures Quali-Pro fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. Imidacloprid 0.5G insecticide is for systemic control of pests.

Southern Athletic Fields

MuleMix Field Conditioner is a calcined clay product used to absorb excess moisture to create a safe, playable surface.

Stabilizer Solutions

Stabilizer soil amendment enhances the equilibrium of soil and crushed stone surfaces in all climatic conditions.

Turface Athletics

Turface conditioners work to minimize damage, speed recovery and prevent muddy conditions. They absorb moisture and add traction.

Western Pozzolan

Lassenite Pozzolan is all-natural and kiln-fired to reduce breakdown. It eliminates localized dry spots, reduces compaction and conserves water.