Schmitz Foam Products B.V. developed ProPlay Sport as a shock-absorbing drainage mat for use on sports surfaces with artificial grass. When ProPlay Sport is used under an artificial grass surface, the rubber infill can be reduced to a minimum because ProPlay Sport imparts a continuous shock-absorbing quality to the top layer. Its ongoing balanced elasticity prevents the infill material from hardening or compacting, and this produces consistent long-term playing characteristics. Environmental aspects are an important part of our company. Our product is made out of high-quality PEX, a closed-cell, cross-linked PE that does not leach out and therefore has absolutely no adverse effects on the environment.

Ready Play Sports

Ready Play Field Magic is Ready Play’s premier moisture retention product that can be incorporated into the top 2 to 3 inches of a skinned infield or warning track. Field Magic is a super-absorbent sand, under a patented process, whose advanced technology greatly increases water holding capacity, prevents soil erosion, lowers frequency of watering and irrigation, and is biodegradable and nontoxic. When hydrated, it will retain 12 times its weight in water. Field Magic was able to save a university in San Antonio, Texas, a ton of money (during a drought) by blending Ready Play Field Magic with their topdressing mix at a rate of 10 pounds per ton, resulting in unmatched moisture/nutrient retention and release.

Redexim North America

Redexim has been internationally known for its design and development of professional turf equipment for the sports turf market for over 30 years. At Redexim, quality is not just our goal, it is the fundamental element of a philosophy that is apparent in everything we do. Redexim North America has become a leader in the industry by supplying exceptional machines, and by listening to the people who use them. Forging strong relationships with customers, built on trust and respect, is essential to our promise of quality.

Redexim offers a wide range of specialized turf and grounds care equipment including the original deep-tine aerator, the Verti-Drain. Aeration products include Verti-Drain, Verti-Core, Level Spike and Verti-Quake. Seeder products include Overseeder, Speedseed and Verti-Seed. And, for synthetic turf maintenance, Verti-Top, Verti-Groom, Verti-Air and Verti-Broom.

STEC Equipment

STEC Equipment is an industry leader in specialized turf equipment distribution. With a mission to stay on the forefront of innovation, STEC continually searches the globe for the latest equipment technology and makes it easily accessible to a variety of turf professionals: superintendents, sports turf managers, contractors and more. We provide access to the highest quality specialized equipment and understand that you need to be more efficient, profitable and with less downtime. Our commitment to superior products and impeccable customer service keeps you on schedule and ahead of the competition.

The GKB Aerator for high-speed decompaction lifts infill material, either rubber or sand-based, and leaves it ready for grooming. The GKB Eco-Dresser was designed to save money and improve the quality of sports field maintenance.

Synthetic Surfaces, Inc.

Synthetic turf technology has greatly improved with time. While better in many ways over the old ones, these new turf systems also have their own problems, which we think could be solved by total glue-down instead of loose-laying turf. More people are realizing that the higher quality and higher initial cost of a total glue-down is worth it in the short run and even more so in the long run.

From a seam standpoint, total glue-downs are the best because high stress from athletic activities, maintenance vehicles, dimensional turf movement such as expansion and/or contraction due to weather conditions (hot, cold, wet, dry, wind, etc.) are distributed over the entire installation instead of concentrating it only at narrowly joined seams like loose-lay installations. Total glue-downs also prevent game line movement. Whether they are 15-foot-wide turf rolls or smaller inserts, strong and tightly bonded seams are essential not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to avoid injuries from tripping or other injuries due to an open seam or shifting turf.


TifSport’s turf quality, turf density and turf strength all help it recover quite rapidly from injury and stress. This is a premier bermudagrass that’s ideal for sports fields of all stripes: football, baseball, softball and soccer. It addition to superior color, cold hardiness and disease resistance, TifSport handles frequent, lower mowing heights and heavy overseeding exceedingly well. TifSport can only be sold as certified sod or sprigs, and only by licensed members of the TifSport Growers Association. This premier group of sod producers has agreed to strict production practices set up by the Georgia Seed Development Commission designed to promote ongoing purity and uniformity. TifSport: It’s what many experts are calling the new bermudagrass standard for the 21st century for a lot of good reasons: closer mowing heights, upright leaf blade orientation, superior turf density, impressive leaf texture, dark green color, drought tough, improved cold tolerance, improved pest resistance, good lateral growth, superior sod strength, excellent traffic tolerance and vigorous root system.

Wiedenmann North America

Wiedenmann North America LLC is the distributor of Wiedenmann natural and artificial turf maintenance equipment in North America, focusing on machines for turf regeneration, collection and removal of grass and leaves, turf sweepers, blowers, deep-tine aerators, and sand spreaders and groomers.

Natural turf products include our full line of Terra Spike deep-tine aerators, turf sweepers/verticutters/flail mowers such as the Super 500, the new Super 120 and the new Super 600.

Artificial turf products consist of the Terra Clean M, Terra Groom and Terra Brush. The Terra Clean collects debris on the surface and can be adjusted to reach the top layer of infill. The infill is then separated from the debris with a vibrating sifter and redistributed back onto the field. The debris is collected in an easily removable hopper.