Brite Stripes

Pioneer Athletics has introduced a new self-propelled model of its airless striping machine, the Brite Striper 3000 SP. It features a belt-and-chain drive system, 5.5 hp Honda engine, large pneumatic tires and floating spray box. It uses a high-pressure pump system that delivers crisp, precise lines and logos. It can be used on both natural and synthetic turf surfaces. The pressure is adjustable from 0 to 3,000 PSI. The electrical clutch system pump engagement maximizes the life of the pump and allows the user to easily adjust pressure. A front-locking swivel wheel allows for long, straight lines and smooth curves on any surface. The unit draws paint from a 5-gallon bulk paint pail, with the option of a 15-gallon oversized hopper. It comes standard with a 50-foot hose and spray gun.

Clean Your Artificial Turf

The Terra Clean M by Wiedenmann is a self-contained artificial turf sweeper that efficiently collects debris on the surface and can also be adjusted to reach the top layer of infill. The infill is then separated from the debris with a vibrating sifter and is redistributed back onto the field. The debris is collected in an easily removable hopper. The Terra Clean M is powered by a Honda GX240 gas engine and can be pulled by most vehicles.