Progressive Turf Equipment is now offering the Pro-Flex 120B contour-rough mower, painted industry green. This green paint offers a complete-package look when the Pro-Flex 120B is pulled by a John Deere tractor. Customers can now chose either the traditional Progressive red paint or the industry green, depending upon which tractor they operate. Changes introduced on the Pro-Flex over the past few years include automatic belt tensioners, maintenance free blade spindles and 100-hour greasing interval PTO shafts that reduce maintenance time and lower the overall operating cost.

Organic Granular Fertilizer

Holganix is partnering with Pearl Valley Farms’ Healthy Grow fertilizer line to produce an organic-based granular fertilizer: Holganix Granular with Healthy Grow. Holganix manufactures a line of organic bio nutritional products that contain living biology and other ingredients to promote plant, turf and tree health. Pearl Valley Farms is one of the country’s only self-sustaining egg farms, and a manufacturer of organic fertilizers. Healthy Grow is a high-quality organic fertilizer produced by Pearl Valley Farms. It is an aerobically composted poultry fertilizer (ACCM).

Reel Mower


Photo courtesy of Allett.

Allett’s new professional range of reel mowers feature roller driven walk-behind and ride-on mowers that produce stunning playing surfaces. This new range of mowers include the Buffalo and Regal models, both capable of producing first-class finishes across a wide range of grass types and mowing conditions, including wet conditions. They combine a wide cut with low weight and are ideal for maintaining larger, sensitive areas. The C-Rang features quickly-interchangeable, precision-built cartridge heads enabling a single power unit to cut grass and carry out other essential turf maintenance task.



Artificial Turf Solutions

Photo courtesy of XGrass Fields.

Photo courtesy of XGrass Fields.

XGrass Field Solutions, a national installer of artificial turf fields, has developed a new line of artificial turf solutions designed specifically for multi-use field applications. Performx Extreme and Performx Dual are built with strong synthetic turf blades in high fiber counts. This construction replicates the performance of natural grass, while retaining the durability needed to host practices, games and events without rest in between. The Performx system was developed based on the rising demand for multi-purpose fields for schools and athletic facilities that face budget or space constraints.