Extend the Life of Artificial Turf

The ATA 1200 from Avant Tecno USA attaches to the Avant loader,allowing groundskeepers to maintain and clean artificial turf surfaces.How it works: The infill is de-compacted from the carpet surface usingan adjustable de-compaction rake. A full contra-rotating brush liftsthe infill and the material is sieved. The infill is then cleaned througha vacuum extraction to remove dust and fine particles before beingreturned to the carpet. Larger materials will be pushed to the rear waste/debris hoppers. The main brush can be adjusted for heights from 0 to50 millimeters.The ATA 1200 is 1.2 meters wide and equipped with a90-degree rotator that allows it to pass through smaller access gates,doors and other tight spaces.


Lock Nitrogen In

The latest turf nutrition solution added to theLebanonTurf lineup is LebanonTurf StabilizedNitrogen (LSN). It features urease inhibitortechnology that reduces volatilization by stopping urease enzymesfrom converting the urea into ammonia gas. This technology canreduce application rates by up to 30 percent, and inhibits the volatilizationof nitrogen for up to 10 days. Research shows that as muchas 30 percent of urea nitrogen can be lost to the atmosphere if notwatered in within seven days, but LSN does not need to be wateredin immediately after application.


Gas Performance, Battery Power

The 40V MAX brushless blower is part of the new lineup ofcommercial-grade battery-powered hand-held equipment fromDeWALT. This blower, which comes with either a 4.0Ah LithiumIon battery or 6.0Ah Lithium Ion battery for 50 percent morebattery capacity, provides up to 400 CFM of air volume and 120mph for fast and effective outdoor cleanup. It features a variablespeed trigger to provide the user full control and a speed lock thatallows the user to operate the tool without having to hold the triggerduring use. The curved tubedesign creates rotationalcontrol, whichhelps to reduce armfatigue. With an ergonomicallyoptimizedhandlesize and positionfeaturing overmold,the bloweris designed for longperiods of use.


Prevent Walkway Slips

PEM Surface Creations has added nine new sizes of its proprietaryslip-resistant matting to its current product line. The newsize options are: 2-by-5-, 2-by-10-, 2-by-15-, 3-by-5-, 3-by-10-,3-by-15-, 6-by-5-, 6-by-10- and 6-by-15-foot.They are ideal for small area applicationsincluding locker rooms, shower facilities,bathrooms, stairs and walkways,and any area that is proneto rain or standing water.PEM mats are availablein lightweight andhigh-traffic thicknesses,as well asthree color options:sandstone, grey and blue.