A-Turf Titan is a natural-looking synthetic turf surfacing system, featuring a combination of aesthetics and durability and a secure safety rating.



The ArmaSport turf underlayment pad cushions the playing surface, providing consistent shock attenuation across the entire field surface for optimal playing conditions.


Artificial Grass Recyclers

Artificial Grass Recyclers has aligned with organizations inside and outside the synthetic turf industry to offer recycling solutions to field owners in North America.



RootZone encapsulates and stabilizes the infill, which minimizes infill fly out and migration. It also prevents infill compaction and reduces the risk of injury.


Athletic & Recreation Products

ARP-Platinum turf systems offer dense fibers and green Cool-Touch infill granules that do not absorb radiation to keep temperatures consistent with natural grass.


Brock International

Brock PowerBase YSR (Youth Safety Research) is engineered specifically for young athletes. It is scaled to the requirements of high school and middle school athletes.


Chemical Concepts

The Rapid Repair Kit was developed for fast repairs to put fields back in play quickly. Adhesive starts to set in five minutes and is fully cured in two to three hours.


CushionFall Sport

CushionFall Sport is a durable, safe, bright green encapsulated crumb rubber infill. The encapsulation process helps fields retain their shock- absorption properties.


DeerPath Recyclers

Supplies crumb rubber using only semi tires to make infill material, resulting in a clean, all-black product with no fiber and no fines.


Domo Sports Grass

Domo DuraForce construction combines “wear resistance” and “soft touch.” Features a new ecological shock-absorbing infill, Naturafill, composed of 100% high-performance cork.


Engineered Sportsfield Solutions

Sport DrainMax is a synthetic replacement for a natural drainage stone layer. Placed under synthetic turf, it will provide impact attenuation and drainage.


Fairmount Minerals

FlexSand Action combines two engineered elastomers coating a high-purity quartz sand as a safe alternative infill. It contains no lead or other heavy metals.



The CoolPlay system was designed to reduce surface temperature without any reduction in field performance. The cork used as a top layer of infill is shock absorbing.


Liberty Tire Recycling

Crumb rubber infill provides stability, cushioning and leveling capabilities. Dust-free rubber granules prevent fly-out, splashing and migration of the base.



The Mondoturf system reproduces all the characteristics of a well-maintained natural grass field and offers safety with dynamic performance.


ProPlay USA

ProPlay’s drainage and underlayment products feature safety-consistent GMax and HIC rating, drainage, consistent performance and playability.


Shaw Sportexe

The Legend system combines high-performance monofilament fiber with durable silt film fiber for a soft and resilient playing surface. Infill of rubber and sand.



Sporturf’s Fast Grass series artificial grass fields mimic the look of natural thatch. The blend of nylon and polyethylene is an almost 50/50 combination for true ball roll.



Sprinturf’s dual fiber systems were developed to meet a wide range of performance issues that single-strand monofilaments cannot overcome.


Synthetic Surfaces, Inc.

Nordot Adhesives allow for durable synthetic turf installations in wide-ranging temperatures and conditions. When turf is closed it will create a strong, weather-resistant seam.


Synthetic Turf International

Pro Ball Turf is available in many colors, such as clay, pine, viridian, white, Florida blue, orange, yellow, red and black, and team logos can be integrated into the field.


Turf Sewing Machines

The 2013 Turf Monster is now available. Turf Sewing Machines also offers cutters, sheers, golf mat binders and the new Razor Cutters.


The August issue of SportsField Management will focus on Control Products & Soil Amendments.