Dense, plush systems provide good traction, shock absorption and playability. More fibers mean less infill movement and greater consistency and durability.

ACT Global Sports

Xtreme Turf offers shock absorption, playability, performance, durability, soft fibers and UV stability. It can be used for a variety of sports applications.

ATG Sports Industries

With products such as RamTurf and over 30 years’ experience, ATG can build baseball, soccer, football and multipurpose fields.

Athletic & Recreation Products

ARP-Platinum turf systems offer dense fibers and green Cool-Touch infill granules that do not absorb radiation to keep temperatures consistent with natural grass.

Becker Underwood

CushionFall Sport is a synthetic colorant for turf infill. The encapsulation process reduces the VOC and heavy metal content of the raw material for a safer surface.

Chemical Concepts

The Turf-Set line of adhesive products includes Synthetic Turf Adhesive, Turf Rapid Repair Kit and Synthetic Turf Fabric Seam Tape.

CS Trading

The Sisis Osca 3 is a PTO-driven unit with twin oscillating brushes for regular synthetic field maintenance. A third, 6-foot-wide fixed brush is optional.


Provides research and development, yarn extrusion, tufting, installation and maintenance services, with 30 years of experience.


VarioSlide Supreme uses the Duo Yarn System, with a stiff propeller yarn that is kept straight by a soft, fibrillated yarn.

Fairmount Minerals

FlexSand Action combines two engineered elastomers coating a high-purity quartz sand as a safe alternative infill. It contains no lead or other heavy metals.


Duraspine PRO combines FieldTurf’s spined fiber with the latest in polymer technology to deliver natural characteristics and soft, durable turf.

Geo Turf

Organic InfillPro Geo is made of coconut fibers and cork. It features 100 percent lead-free composition, good permeability ratings and cooler surface temperatures.


Mondo’s recyclable 3NX monofilament fiber has a semiconcave structure with three asymmetric spines. It offers a 20 percent increase in UV stabilization.


The Estate Master has mesh-bottom, reinforced vinyl baskets that allow the rubber compound to fall back onto the field while picking up litter.

Pioneer Athletics

GameLine is a high-gloss, removable synthetic turf paint that disappears easily and leaves no residue or ghosting when removed with GameLine Blitz.


LigaGrass is a crimped monofilament fiber system that requires less infill material and also prevents infill from surfacing during play.


ProGrass Infinity has 100 percent polyethylene, monofilament-like fibers tufted into a woven, primary backing. Indoor or outdoor use.


The Verti-Top TB uses a rotary brush to pick up surface debris and some infill. The material is sorted by a rapidly shaking filter that redistributes the infill on the field.


Abzorb prefabricated synthetic turf shock padding features consistent density, thickness, feel and resilience for uniform shock absorption and elasticity.

Shaw Sportexe

The Legend system combines high-performance monofilament fiber with durable slit film fiber for a soft and resilient playing surface. Infill of rubber and sand.


Ultrablade MM is a dual-fiber synthetic turf system that uses multiple fibers to produce a plush, soft, durable athletic surface.

Synthetic Surfaces

NORDOT adhesives can be applied by spraying to install synthetic turf athletic fields.


The AERATOR provides high-speed decompaction of infill with the use of spiked rollers that create a sculling action. It comes in 40 and 80-inch models.


The SW48-A synthetic turf sweeper picks up debris and passes it across an articulating screen, separating out turf infill material and redepositing it on the field.

Target Technologies

Envirofill is a natural, recyclable infill for synthetic turf sports fields. It is dust-free, sustainable, nontoxic and heat-resistant, and it will not absorb moisture.


ProTrophy Turf consists of Pro S fiber with spring-back technology for greater vertical memory and C fiber with capsulate technology to anchor tufts securely.

Turf Sewing Machines

The Turf Monster is a cart sewing machine that provides the pulling power of two machines in one. Also offers US2200 hand sewers, shears, thread and more.


The Terra Clean M screens debris to separate dirt from infill. The floating drag brush distributes the redeposited infill and evens out all tracks left on the ground.

Wood Bay

The FDS 9200 spring tine machine revives compacted artificial turf without pulling out fibers. It is durable and easy to hook up and adjust.

The August issue of SportsField Management will feature a product focus on Control Products and Soil Amendments.