The Turf Topper BTD-20 spreads material uniformly from 0.25 to 3 inches deep. The drum breaks up any lumps in material and ensures an even 60-inch spread width.

Campey Imants

Raycam Speedressers are bulk drop spreaders designed to handle all topdressing material. Four flotation tires minimize the risk of turf damage.

Dakota Peat

The 410 Turf Tender can spread light or heavy, wet or dry. The all-welded construction and heavy-duty twin spinner system ensure many years of use.

Earth & Turf

The MultiSpread Model 320 is a 1-cubic-yard topdresser with exclusive, wide-spread beater. Two-wheel ground drive or available hydraulic drive.


The Eco 200 is designed to handle sand, soil mix, compost, pellets and other bulk materials. Features a reverse-spin, dual-wheel broadcast system.


The Rink DS 800’s dual spinners provide up to a 33-foot-wide spread pattern, and the material release gate closes when the belt is stopped. Designed to handle wet material.


STEC topdressers have V-shaped bodies to increase efficiency and provide greater maneuverability. Hydraulic controls adjust belt and spinner speeds. Tow-behind or UTV-mount available.


The Toro ProPass 200 broadcast-style topdresser has a four-wheel walking beam suspension that allows all four wheels to stay in contact with the ground regardless of terrain.


The TurfEx MS4500 topdresser features polyethylene construction, fully electric operation, precision spreading ability and a 1.4-cubic-yard capacity.


ADVANTAGE topdressers in 1- to 7-cubic-yard capacities come with flotation tires. Large spinners slide out to allow straight drop or swivel conveyor attachments.

Turfco_Mete-R-MaticXL-onInfield_HR   TurfCo

Turfco’s Mete-R-Matic Topdresser line have offered unparalleled topdressing consistency regardless of ground speed since 1961 with a patented ground-drive and Chevron belt to handle all types of material. Self-propelled or tow-type available.



CS Turf Products

The SISIS Variseeder 1300 is a versatile tractor-mounted seeder with a variable seeding rate and is designed to be low maintenance.

First Products

The multi-tine Seedavator produces 56 holes per square foot. The AERA-Vator multi-tine has a 2-degree offset, as opposed to a 5-degree offset.


The SpeedSeed allows you to produce thousands of holes, deliver the seed and brush in, all with a single machine. The spikes are conical shaped, so more seed drops into the holes.


The REIST aerator and overseeder has tandem rollers that oscillate 30 degrees. The cone-shaped spikes are 1.5 inches in length. Available in 60- and 72-inch widths.


The Terra Seed has special spring tines used to open up the soil surface. The stirring shaft is integrated into the galvanized seed container, which is driven via a V-belt by the low-pressure tires.



The EV-N-SPRED FLEX- SELECT Series of broadcast spreaders use interchangeable trays. F-Series models with 80- and 130-pound hopper sizes are ideal for flowable materials.


The Spreader-Mate is a self-contained, drop-in, 9-gallon-capacity sprayer that converts a broadcast spreader into a fully functional sprayer in minutes.

Lely USA

Lely USA manufactures spreaders to meet the demands of turf management professionals. They are designed to be accurate and easy to clean.


PLSS220HD and PLSS 120HD spreaders feature 220- and 120-pound hoppers, heavy-duty motor and impeller speed control box. Mounts to Shielded Sprayers.


The Easy-Spread TR series is a one-man and tractor operation. Hydraulically raise or lower the hopper for loading and spreading. A wheel transfer frame takes the weight when transporting the heavy load.

Spyker Spreaders

Spyker’s S60-12020 has been dubbed “Mulch-N-More” because of its large 5-inch rate gate opening. Spyker’s patented Accu-Way system provides an even spread pattern.