We asked experts from several leading equipment manufacturers:

Q. What’s the most important thing athletic field managers need to keep in mind when choosing a utility vehicle for their facility?

Eric Goins

Product Manager/Kubota

The most important aspect athletic field managers need to keep in mind when choosing a UTV is if the [model] they’re choosing has proper turf tires and a rear limited-slip differential. The rear limited-slip differential allows the rear wheels of the UTV to spin at different speeds, therefore reducing the damage the UTV has on turf when making turns. To minimize the impact even further, the UTV should be equipped with special turf tires as well. Kubota RTVs feature both a limited slip differential as well as a turf tire option that make Kubota RTVs a good choice for athletic field managers.

Andrew Ihrke

Product Marketing Associate/Toro

There are a number of factors that athletic field managers should consider before choosing a utility vehicle for their facility, including safety, comfort and reliability — just to name a few. Athletic field managers will also want to consider a vehicle with a proven reputation out in the field and with a strong focus on innovation. For example, the Toro Workman GTX was designed based on the input from thousands of turf care and maintenance professionals, which means that this new unit directly addresses the challenges and applications that athletic field managers face every day. In addition to being a comfortable, safe and reliable utility vehicle, the Toro Workman GTX is also highly versatile, offering athletic field managers the flexibility to customize the vehicle into over 300 different configurations, including two- and four-passenger options, bed racking, cab/canopy options, bench or bucket seats and a wide variety of front- and rear-mount attachments.

Raven Honsaker

Director of Product Strategy and Development/Textron Specialized Vehicles

Cushman advises anyone purchasing a new utility vehicle to know specific job needs before researching options. Consider unique challenges that your athletic fields bring, such as special towing needs, and clarify what tasks you aim to complete. Do you need additional bed storage and tie-down options for large loads? Or, do you carry heavy payloads, which make a hydraulic or electric-assisted bed dump beneficial? The Cushman Hauler line of vehicles offer customization options to truly tailor the vehicle to your needs. Finally, don’t only look at the functionality of the vehicle, but evaluate the OEM’s warranty and aftermarket support.