Go Team!

The Team Cart from Beacon Athletics is a storage and transport cart made of heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel. It measures 32 inches wide by 30 inches long and features a multipurpose handle and hooks, bulk material bins, water jug and hand tool holders. The system includes a hand tamp, steel drag mat, string winder, measuring tape, long-tooth rake, iron rake, level board, shovel, dig-out tool and more.

Spray or Spread

Turfco Direct has introduced the T3000 Applicator, a stand-on sprayer-spreader. The steering wheel design, pivoting front axle and floating operator platform minimize strain on the operator. The T3000 can fit through a 36-inch gate and complete 64,000 square feet per fill. The separate spray and spread systems both have 6 and 9-foot application widths. The adjustable, high-pressure, high-velocity spray system creates large droplets and better coverage. A wraparound deflector virtually eliminates prills. It also features a hydrostatic transaxle braking system, cruise control, adjustable pressure dial, 4-foot trim spray, 15-foot wand and mechanical control of the two-speed spinner.

New Bayleton Formulation

A flowable formulation of Bayleton fungicide is now available from Bayer Environmental Science. Bayleton Flo is a water-based, suspension concentrate formulation that mixes easily with water to provide improved product dispersal. It is easy to measure and provides preventive control of a broad spectrum of diseases, including dollar spot, brown patch, fairy ring and gray leaf spot.

Eco-Liner SP

Newstripe’s Eco-Liner SP athletic field marker is self-propelled and offers a Qwik-Lock hands-free spray trigger, allowing the operator to stripe without continually squeezing the trigger. The unit weighs in at 125 pounds and incorporates a direct-drive, industrial-grade diaphragm pump coupled to a 3.5 hp engine to provide up to 60 PSI of paint pressure. A standard 5-gallon pail is used as the paint tank, and the bidirectional spray head can make lines in one pass.

Get to Work

Toro has launched its Workman MD Series utility vehicles—Workman MD, Workman MDX and Workman MDE. The vehicles feature a Superior Ride Quality (SRQ) system that combines a calibrated, coil-over shock absorber suspension design with an Active In-Frame twister joint. Each axle reacts independently to the terrain so all four wheels remain on the ground. The operator platform is extended for additional legroom. The vehicles offer a latch-opened, injection-molded plastic hood, steel diamond plate floorboard and battery located outside the vehicle frame.