Eliminate Standing Water

HoverDry’s fan drives air down to form a cushion of air that picks up water and disperses it outward where it is drawn up a narrow slot and onto deflectors. From there, the water falls into a reservoir. The pump exhausts to a fitting on the outer hull. A hose can be attached to the fitting to take the water away from the area being dried. Water can be removed at a rate of up to 275 liters per minute.

Aerate With Ease

Turfco Direct’s TurnAer aerators feature a DiffDrive system with dual-brake action, which allows the machines to turn corners with tines in the ground, eliminating the need to lift the machines to make a turn. The TurnAer 4 features a 17-inch aeration width while the TurnAer 6 has an aeration width of just under 24.5 inches. Both models are powered by 4 hp Honda engines.


Northern Turf Equipment’s SS220 ride-on Spread-n-Spray provides synchronized spreading and spraying so both applications can be made at the same time. The SS220 has a 220-pound hopper capacity and spreads fertilizer from 4 to 32 feet. The 20-gallon spray unit provides 4, 8 and 16-foot boomless spray patterns on the fly. The machine has a 3-foot turning radius, three forward speeds, reverse, differential lock and dual hydraulic front disc brakes.

Master of Turf

Turf Master Flexible Boom Sprayers, from Deersong LLC, feature a 33-foot width, mount to most 30 to 50 hp tractors and fold to 80 inches for transport. Gauge wheels allow the boom to follow the contour of the ground. The unit has a Raven sprayer control system with radar gun, which compensates for ground speed changes; turbo drop nozzles that reduce drift; and a hydraulic, centrifugal pump.

Tough Trencher

The Shelton Chain Trencher, from Port Industries, is PTO-driven, and trench width can be adjusted from 3 to 7 feet. Trench depth is hydraulically adjustable up to 40 inches deep. The digging boom and crumber leg can be moved up and down independent of each other. The conveyor is 10 feet long with an, endless belt.