A lush, green, well-maintained and safe field is what athletes are looking for as the temperatures get warmer and the number of games increases. This is a job that requires preparation, knowledge, patience and skill.

It also requires a lot of equipment.

Many factors go into equipment procurement: budget, size/type of operations and location, just to name a few. There’s also the choice of whether to buy used (pre-owned) or new equipment.

For some field managers (depending on specific budget situations), pre-owned equipment is the best option, and finding a bargain on a good, well-maintained piece of pre-owned equipment – whether it be a mower, aerator, topdresser, utility vehicle, sprayer or roller – can make a huge difference.

In other words, buying pre-owned equipment can go a long way toward giving a field what it needs at a much lower cost (when compared with buying brand-new equipment).

There are many sources for pre-owned equipment. One is a supplier like Global Turf Equipment out of San Antonio, Florida. Global Turf Equipment – which ships worldwide – sells late-model, pre-owned and refurbished turf equipment and machinery from several industry manufacturers like Jacobsen, Toro, John Deere, Redexim, Bernhard, Progressive Turf Equipment, Turfco and more.

Each machine receives a detailed inspection of the general operating systems, engine, drive train, electrical system, hydraulic system, cutting units and more.

Global Turf also offers a limited warranty on every piece of serviced equipment.

Recently, we did a Q&A with the staff at Global Turf Equipment (Jim Sartain, owner; Debbie Nipper, vice president of marketing; and George Lawson, sports turf/grounds sales territory manager) to learn more about how and why buying quality pre-owned equipment from a supplier like Global Turf can be beneficial to athletic field managers:

What types of equipment are being purchased the most for athletic field use?

Right now, it would be reel mowers, contour/articulating rotary mowers and clay groomers.

How have the buying habits changed for purchases of athletic field equipment?

We’ve noticed that budgets have tightened and even traditional, new-equipment buyers are now buying pre-owned. In fact, some municipalities are structuring bids around pre-owned equipment. Also, the leasing and financing of pre-owned equipment is increasing.

What’s one question you hear most often from customers?

“Is there a warranty on your used equipment?”

What advice would you give a field manager who needs to buy equipment to maintain their field(s) at a high level, but is working with heavy budget constraints?

They should consider quality pre-owned equipment that has low hours. Also, some of the well-maintained, pre-owned equipment we sell comes from top golf courses around the country.

What’s one benefit of buying quality, pre-owned equipment?

Having all of the equipment you need to maintain turf conditions at the level expected, yet with the assurance of a guarantee.

In our recent State of the Industry survey, field managers said their mower is the one piece of equipment they can’t live without – what should athletic field managers look for when purchasing a pre-owned mower (from you, or in general)?

Field managers should look for major brand equipment (like Toro, John Deere and Jacobsen) with readily available replacement parts. They should also buy from a reputable supplier that provides a guarantee on equipment and appropriate reel or cutting deck choices to meet height of cut and finish requirements.