Padua Franciscan High School Athletic Director Kevin Leigh knew the school’s football field needed a new scoreboard. Once the decision was made to go ahead with the purchase, the process went smoothly and successfully for the Parma, Ohio, high school.

“We were looking mainly for score, time, quarter, down and distance, that kind of information on the board,” Leigh explained. “We looked at the possibility of getting a message screen as well, but we decided against that, partly due to cost. In terms of a video screen, I’m not sure we should have utilized it … considering the amount of money those cost. I’m not sure it would have been worth the expense for how much we’d use it.”

Padua High School, which went with Dayton, Ohio-based Side Effects when purchasing the scoreboard, decided to just focus on the essentials.

Leigh said that choosing the size and features the scoreboard would have was the easiest part of the process. Finding sponsorship, according to Leigh, was the most difficult part.

After the new scoreboard was installed, Leigh noted the many positives that resulted from it.

“It was a definite added touch to the stadium,” Leigh says. “Previously, we had just a score panel and that was it. [The new scoreboard] has advertisements and a decorative arch across the top with our name and logo on it. It looks professional … this past summer we installed synthetic turf … [the field] has a complete look to it now.”