The turbine blower has a 23 hp Kohler Command Pro engine, 12-volt throttle actuator, 90-degree air chute and weather-resistant, wireless remote system.

Buffalo Turbine

The Cyclone 8000 features two-position hubs, corded remote for 360-degree nozzle rotation, one-piece polymer nozzle and bolt-on trailer package.


The PB-770 offers a 63.3cc engine, air ventilation system, hip or tube-mounted throttle, straight-back L frame, extra-flexible tube and padded shoulder straps.


Hurricane Plus blowers have a Venturi air inlet for smooth, maximum airflow. The discharge chute is hand-controlled, allowing for front and side airflow.


The EB8520 features 65 and 74-mm nozzles, hip-mounted throttle control, shoulder harness with four-point adjustment and chrome-plated cylinder.


The Pro Force engine-driven debris blower has a single-piece plastic nozzle and an electronic governor for engine speed control.


Echo Bear Cat

Wheeled vacuums come in push-drive and three-speed self-propelled models, with 179 or 190cc engines, 6-bushel-capacity bag and five height settings.

Gravely Turf

The Pro Vac 1060 has a 3.5-cubic-yard capacity, 60-inch adjustable intake scoop, 18 hp Kohler Command Pro engine and 6-gallon fuel tank.


Offering a 17.7-bushel vacuum system for 4000 and 4200 Series Ingersoll tractors.


The LawnShark has counter-rotating brushes that lift the debris from any surface, and an optional 7-foot hose with control wand can suck up broken glass.


The Vac-35, in push-drive and self-propelled hydro-drive models, offers an aerodynamic deflector design, fully pneumatic rear tires and polyethylene housing.


Trilo vacuums remove thatch, promote lateral growth and allow increased aeration, more effective utilization of fertilizer and better water penetration.


Dream Turf

The Sweep-N-Fill II mimics the action of a push broom and completely fills aerified holes in two passes while cleaning the surface completely.


The G-SWEEP walk-behind sweeper allows for easy cleanup of turf. It is self-dumping and lightweight for maneuverability.


The TV30 self-propelled sweeper, powered by a 38 hp Kohler engine, has a 3.25-cubic-yard hopper that lifts to a height of 6 feet for dumping.


The 38-inch pull-behind sweeper features dual-brush sweeping action, rear wheel design, 11-bushel capacity and removable hopper that folds flat.


The JRCO 640 V-Broom Sweeper has quick-adjust wings that lock into various positions: 60-inch straight, left or right-angled and V-shaped.


The Estate Master has a 100-inch sweeping width, variable height adjustment and eight polypropylene, steel-backed brushes in four staggered rows.

Pioneer Athletics

The Field Crewzer uses a counter-rotating brush to lift debris onto a large vibrating screen and into two removable hoppers. Infill is returned to the field.

Redexim North America

The Turf Tidy incorporates sweeping, dethatching, verticutting and flail cutting. It offers a fully floating cutting head, turbo fan, high lift and large hopper.


The Pro 720 is built with a 72-inch long main frame and contains no moving parts, eliminating cleaning and lubrication of sprockets and bearings.


The SW48-A synthetic turf sweeper picks up debris and passes it across an articulating screen, separating out turf infill material and redepositing it on the field.


The Pro Sweep 5200 tow-behind unit features a floating 52-inch wide sweeper head, 25-cubic-foot hopper capacity and 6-inch diameter roller with adjustable height.

Turf Teq

The 47-inch wide Power Broom is self-propelled and powered by a 13 hp Honda engine. With a hydrostatic transmission, differential lock and multiuse capability.


The Super 500 is PTO-driven, with a sweeping width of 63 inches and optional multipurpose sweeper head that allows for verticutting and flail mowing.

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