Let there be light — on athletic fields, that is. Stadium Grow Lighting, a worldwide leader in supplemental lighting technology for natural grass, announced that it has partnered with Growing Innovations, an American-based support firm.

Stadium Grow Lighting was a pioneer in providing supplemental lighting for natural grass fields, according to the company. The company’s goal is to advance light technologies and further plant growth modeling in order to provide natural grass field managers with solutions to improve plant health and recovery. Stadium Grow Lighting has more than 180 applications worldwide.

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The Growing Innovations team, including principal Jerad Minnick, will provide advisory and technical support for existing and future Stadium Grow Lighting clients in North America. Growing Innovations will also contribute to product and technology development to the partnership.

“The philosophies of the two organizations are very much the same,” said Simon Gumbrill, Stadium Grow Lighting Area Manager of the UK and North America. “We are both working incredibly hard to supply sports field managers with new solutions for the age-old challenge of maintaining high-use natural grass. We are very excited to grow support and solutions for sports field managers.”