Buffalo Turbine

Buffalo Turbine offers a wide range of turbine-style debris blowers. New for 2014, Buffalo Turbine has released the industry’s first electronically fuel-injected pull-behind debris blower.

Campey Imants

The Imants Rotoblast is a tractor-mounted blower designed to move leaves, grass clippings, thatch, litter and other unwanted surface debris.

STEC Equipment

The Trilo B7 three-point hitch blower has a hydraulically operated, 180-degree reverse spout, anti-scalp roller on the back and PTO shaft with overrunning clutch.

The Toro Company

The Toro Pro Force single nozzle, turbine-type debris blower provides removal of grass clippings, leaves, aeration cores or other unwanted debris from your sports fields.

Wiedenmann North America

The Mega Twister blower works well with tractors from 45 hp and up. Due to its unique swivel mechanism, the Mega Twister’s blowing unit can swivel 270 degrees, allowing leaves to be blown continuously in one direction without backing up or turning around.


Harper Industries

The TV30 self-propelled sweeper/vacuum has a 44 hp Kubota turbocharged diesel engine and a 3.25-cubic-yard hopper that lifts to a height of 6 feet 3 inches for dumping.

LawnShark USA

LawnShark LTL-32 is a walk-behind, two-stage vac that combines counter-rotating brushes with cyclonic suction to provide maximum collection performance.

STEC Equipment

The Trilo S4 features a high-capacity fan, working width of 1.8 meters, balanced fan wheel, 4-cubic-meter collection container and 5-meter hand-held hose.


Campey Imants

The Imants Rotosweep is a compact, dual-brush sweeper with a 5-foot-7-inch working width and a 27-cubic-foot capacity. Suited for collecting leaf debris and cores; optional scarification unit can be fitted for single-pass operation.

Dream Turf

The Sweep-N-Fill II is a ground-driven unit that mimics push broom action and works topdressing to the crown of the plant. It fills aerified holes in two passes without turf injury, lifts lateral shoots and removes grain.


Graden USA recently unveiled its GC800 Groundhog specifically designed to assist in cleanup following aerification. The walk-behind unit (equipped with a hydrostatic transmission) is maneuverable enough to get into tight areas and features a free-floating head.

Pioneer Athletics

The Field Crewzer uses a counter- rotating brush to lift debris onto a large vibrating screen and into two removable hoppers. Infill is returned to the field.

Redexim North America

The Turf Tidy 3000 is a versatile machine incorporating dethatching, flail cutting and sweeping. It is designed with a fully floating, cutting head that follows the grounds’ contours and runs on large rear flotation tires to minimize compaction. The turbo fan makes a clean sweep of cores and other debris.


The Litamina 1500 is a tractor-mounted sweeper with spiral-designed brushes to collect leaves, pine needles, grass, thatch, cores and litter. It has a large-capacity hopper and follows contours while collecting.

Smithco, Inc.

The Sweep Star 60 is a self-propelled, three-wheel sweeper. It is hydraulically driven and its tricycle design makes it maneuverable around obstacles. The debris hopper, which has a 3-cubic-yard capacity, raises to over 6 feet.


The SW48-A synthetic turf sweeper picks up debris and passes it across an articulating screen, separating out turf infill material and redepositing it on the field.

Turf Teq

Brush pressure, brush speed and pivot angle (left/right) can all be adjusted easily from the operator position on the Turf Teq Power Broom. The Power Broom features a hydrostatic transmission, differential lock and 13 hp Honda engine. Can be used to sweep debris, snow or dethatch turf.

Venture Products

Ventrac’s 4-foot wide attachment levels and restores infield playing surfaces. The Ballpark Groomer attaches to the optional three-point hitch on the rear of 4000 series tractors allowing the use of other front-mounted Ventrac attachments simultaneously.


The Super 600 is a heavy-duty sweeper/verticutter/flail mower collection system with a large hopper capacity. The multipurpose head allows for sweeping, verticutting and flail mowing while collecting clippings into a 5.9-cubic-yard hopper with a high dump reach up to 87 inches.

The June issue of SportsField Management will spotlight Sprayers and Aeration Equipment.