The College Football Championship Game is just 11 days away and Director of Stadium Projects Mark Hickman and his crew are already hard at work to have the field at AT&T Stadium in marquee condition.

AT&T not only hosts eight Cowboy home games annually, but also several college and high school games.

The playoff games on New Year’s Day will determine what teams play in the championship on January 12. Ohio State plays Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and Florida State plays Oregon State in the Rose Bowl. On January 12, AT&T Stadium will host the first-ever College Football Championship Game. Hickman is stoked about the game, which he calls “the Super Bowl of college football.” He’s confident the field will look and play as it should for such a marquee game.

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On Jan. 12, AT&T Stadium will host the first-ever College Football Championship Game, which will be contested via a four-team bracket system, the College Football Playoff, which replaces the previous Bowl Championship Series.

  • While Mark Hickman and his crew don’t accept anything less than the field looking stellar for Cowboys’ games, they work just as hard to please the influx of fans who tour the facility weekly. People love to walk on the field, Hickman says, and he wants it to be just as perfect for them as it is for the players.
  • AT&T Stadium features Matrix Synthetic Turf, which utilizes two grass blade sizes and two fiber colors to attain a more natural looking artificial turf system. Austin, Texas-based Hellas Construction installed the field.
  • Since Hellas installed the field, the company also took responsibility for picking up and storing the field when concerts and other events where scheduled, and then would reinstall it after the events. But Hickman moved the task in-house, saving the Cowboys in the six figures annually.
  • Having led the installation for four years now, Hickman knows the field’s many nuances. He knows how to correct problem wrinkles, and he knows when it’s spread too tight. “I’ve spent so much time moving it, I know how it’s going to react,” he says.